Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moving Target

Lately, I have felt like one. I can name at least 5 times this week alone where I was aimed at by other drivers. And, No Putz, they weren't all older American's so don't think I am labeling them as the bad seeds here!! The best part was when I was on a divided highway with a raised median separating the lanes and some idiot got confused and started coming at me in THE WRONG LANE!!! I was almost head on'ed because someone wasn't paying attention. Sometimes I blame the car and the fact we are a rolling billboard. People tend to drift towards us when we're driving cause they are reading the sides.

Maybe I should wrap up in bubble wrap?


Hoosier Girl said...

Be careful! At least you don't have to drive in the snow and ice with all the crazy Kentuckians who think you can go ABOVE the speed limit when the roads are like this!!!


Russ said...

As the father of one of my friends told me, 'drive fast, you'll get off the road sooner and be safe then.'

Robin said...

Hi - Since you didn't do the Self Love entry today, I just wanted to let you know I love the fact that you do Roller Derby. That is so fucking bad-ass!