Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Party!

Today HHH and I went and put down the deposit for Mo and Jr's birthday party. As requested, we went to Stardust Skate and Event Center. After looking over the options, we settled on a Sunday afternoon skating party. After booking the party and getting the invitations, we headed home. I checked Facebook while HHH, (who has the best handwriting), wrote out the name and RSVP's. I went over to the Stardust page and wrote to Ronni that we had booked our party. A few hours later I checked Facebook again and lo and behold here's what I see.....

Hi Nicole,
Thanks so much for booking your party reservation. I put on your reservation to give you $15 off for being an SRQ Roller Girl. We will be sure to make your party ..... A BLAST!
Best regards,

Ronni owns the skating center we do our Derby at. She totally ROCKS!!! Now all I have to do is procure a Mario Kart game for Junior and a pair for shiny new roller skates for Mo. Yes, she wants a pair of regular roller skates. I warned her, that's how roller girls start...... a pair of skates and no fear of falling!

UPDATE: Had to move the party to Saturday afternoon because the Orioles have a spring training game on Sunday and parking would be a horror for the party guests! Ronni made sure to get me a message right away. She is just the best! I highly recommend Stardust for all your party needs..... and especially choose Stardust on March 13th for our opening Roller Derby bout!!! Whoo hoo!!

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