Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just A Few Things....

I hate it when I sit down at my lap top to write out what I thought was going to be a funny and insightful piece, then poof! It's gone. God I must be getting old.

Had to go buy a new printer today. Seems Rebecca has had a project at school that is due tomorrow, yet didn't start it till Sunday . Yep. My gifted honor student procrastinated herself till the night before the due date. So when she went to go print her crap out.....pfft! The printer was shot. Great. So HHH and I had to haul ass up to Wall to Wall Mart and get another on. It was time anyway since we were having trouble getting the ink for our old one. Last time I was in Best Buy looking for it, the guy said the printer companies phase out the inks and printers in only a year after they are first introduced to the market so as to keep us all buying new printers and such. Assholes.

I really wish Florida would go back to being Florida. This cold snap business is getting old. I love Florida for the warm weather. Even in the height of summer when it hits triple digits, it is frickin awesome! Just go to the pool or the beach and relax. This bundle up, shivering, low 40's shit sucks hard. Even the tourists who came down here are bitching. Yes I know it beats blizzards and foot after foot of snow, but damn it! I wanna wear my strappy sandals!

SRG has bouts coming up people! I'm not skating in the March 13th one, but I am shooting for the April 3rd one. Either or, I am calling on any and all bloggers to...


I'm not asking for a lot, just a little support. I mean, what could be more fun than watching grown women dressed in scanty costumes getting sweaty and knocking each other around?!? Plus at the March 13th bout we will be having Haitz play a special concert, PLUS there is beer and wine sales for those who have proper ID. Come on................ PLEASE!

Ok, that's all for now. I gotta teach two Checz's(sp) how to clean green tomorrow. Yep, I am tired of getting screwed over at work so we hired two people and now if someone tries to call in on me.... Boo-ya! You're replaced!

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Russ said...

And why do you think my posting has been so spotty of late? Brilliant ideas that go poof as soon as I sit at the keyboard.

On the printers, it's almost cheaper to buy a new printer then it is to buy ink.