Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today was a day full of extremes. I either had really good stuff happening, or really bad stuff happening. Take this morning... Really Bad- Employee calling in because of illness. Really Good- Had a replacement who came in earlier to help out. See..... from bad to good in 15 minutes flat. Unfortunately, the rest of the day was going to follow suit.

The worst of it was....

I was on the phone with one of my team leaders in the early afternoon. I was trying to ascertain whether there was time for another job to be added to her day. As we were discussing this possibility, I hear a male voice in the background..."What are you doing on the fucking phone?!?" I was taken aback. I asked quietly, "Is that the client?" My team leader says yes and then urgently tells me she is going to pack up and leave with her team mate because the man is getting weird. He suddenly was being hateful and rude. I tell her to get out of there and go to the next house. Then the office phone starts ringing. It was said client. He is having a collective cow that the girls are packing up and leaving, and I tell him my people will not tolerate being verbally abused and he tries to lie and say he wasn't cursing at them. I call bullshit and tell him it was ME she was on the phone with so I had HEARD him say these things to her. Then the dumbass started back peddling. He spouts off with,"Well if your people are too frail to hear the F word the too bad." Um... excuse me? You don't act like an asshole to my people! We may be a maid service, but we aren't animals. Then the idiot started threatening to go on every list that advertises Service oriented businesses and bad mouthing us. Really dude? You're gonna stoop to acting like a 7 year old in grade school?? What a lint licker. I told him I would refer his "problem" to my Boss and she'd call him back, then I hung up on him. What a tool.

Then the really good that happened was I went to an estimate today that was A. In my apartment complex, B. Right around the time I was going to be there anyway because I was taking the kids home and C. The guy used one of the coupons I have been leaving in the office! Yay go me! Then to top it off, I got the job and then the guy gives me a 27 inch flat screen TV! No lie! I'm watching it right now as we type. You just can't beat that with a stick!

So, as I sit here in my comfy bed, watching my new TV, I wonder what is going to come of tomorrow. Hopefully I am done with the bad for the rest of this week. I'd like a little more good now please!

And did I mention I was almoste pinged by a golf ball while in the company car? No??

It was just one of those days I guess.

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Finn said...

I think you handle the psycho perfectly. What an ass.

Hope there's more good than bad in today!