Monday, February 15, 2010

Dog Show.

The Westminster Kennel Club is on this week. I love the dog show. I can name almost all the breeds. As a kid my Mom and Dad would put this on and we'd watch and root for the Pekingese. It seemed the Pekingese was always in the Best of Show finals. We rooted mostly because we owned Pekingese's ourselves. Now I root for the Yorkies. (Duh!!) I have Gobo here with me and we're watching with great interest. The Toy group is on right now. Go Yorkies!!

Incidentally, I watched "Best In Show" for the first time last month. Oh! Em! Gee! Way too fucking funny, but you just know the real dog handlers are JUST like that!!!

One thing I could do without is the 5 kajillion Animal shelter commercials. Yes I get the idea. Raise awareness for the millions of dogs in shelters right now, but they are approaching overkill. For every regular commercial they show, there are three shelter commercials. People will start to tune it out.

PK. Time to get back to the show. I even pre-empted HHH's wrestling show because of this!


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Russ said...

I pull for the Basenjis. After that, the smooth fox terrier.