Monday, February 1, 2010


  • Yow! I was told off today! The new woman that we hired two weeks ago handed me a 3 month calender that only had her available to work with us for two days a week! Um... WTF?? When she interviewed with us, We told her the position was a part time 5 day a week position. She countered with the fact that she volunteer's at the hospital here on Fridays, so I said OK, I can take 4 days a week. You can't agree to that and come back a week later and reduce your availability down to 8 days out of the month! Then I tried to talk to her about it today and she instantly assumed I was firing her on the spot. No, I was trying to be honest about how her new "availability" wasn't going to work for the company. Either way she's gone as of tomorrow. Sheesh....
  • Took Gobo for his checkup today. The Vet says he is a very healthy, happy puppy. That makes me feel better. I got him from a well known puppy emporium and everyone always talks about how they are puppy mill puppies and they aren't healthy, they have disease, etc, etc, etc..... I just feel like they deserve as much of a chance as any other animal. Plus, Gobo is so freakin' cute!
  • HHH ordered me two dresses yesterday. From Victoria's Secret! O!M!G! I can shop at VS now! I picked this one and this one.
  • The cat is really jealous of Gobo. Not in the "I'm gonna kick your ass" way, but the "I'm going to love Mommy & Daddy more than you" way.He's up here in bed with us right now. Silly kitty!
  • Edge is back on WWE. Didn't think he'd be back after that Achilles tendon separation. Not anything ya'll care about, but hey, I watch wrestling.
Ok, I'm tired. Gotta clean tomorrow. Sigh.... At least I am starting a new lady on Wednesday. One who does have open availability. I like open availability!

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Nicole said...

Damn woman HHH has good taste!!! Those dresses are hawt!
I was gonna ask of you got Gobo from a breeder or not; I think I'm visiting such puppeh emporium today; my hubby has decided that we need a Gobo of our own and Im SUPER excited!!!! Not necessarily a Yorkie, but something that stays tinneh is what he wants.