Tuesday, February 23, 2010


  • I love Derby! I really do. I may bitch and moan about how I'm tired and worked all day, but come 8:45pm I am out there with the other women. I may not be fast, I may not be zippy,but damn it, I can get in the way, and that's all you need for being a blocker. Lately I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and doing a bit of pivoting. I'm getting better at it because being pivot means you have to control what your team is doing. You have to call out signals, you have to have your head on a permanent swivel.... you get the point. I'm going out of my comfort zone to try and learn this. Go me!
  • I love Gobo. He is just the best second dog ever. Nobody will ever replace Toby, but Gobo is running a close second! I get up in the morning and he's all perky and ready to cuddle. Then I come home during the day and he launches his tiny body into my arms, all fuzzy wiggles and sloppy kisses. He has helped heal my heart, and the hearts of Morgan and Fluffy. Fluffy has opened up to Gobo as well. Tonight Fluffy and Gobo played together for about half an hour and it was so heart warming to watch.
  • Work has been running ok for now. I guess I am just really excited about psycho bitch possibly selling out and moving. I got two more clients so far this week and hopefully I'll get another on Thursday.
  • I'm tired now.
  • Good night.

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Finn said...

So good to hear good news! I'm happy that you found something you love to do and are doing it.