Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Day.

It was bad.
Really bad.
The kind of suck ass day where you just want it to either end or for the world to explode.
I let down my kids today. It was my work's fault, but I made a promise that I wasn't able to keep and I am pissed off as all get out. Add to that HHH's day off was fucked up because of him having to do kid duty, and my Friday was just fucked all around.

Here's hoping Saturday is better.


Poppy said...

I wasn't there, and I'm not part of your relationship, but you both made those kids, you're both responsible for them, and sometimes shit happens and the person who AllllllllWayS picks them up can't. So. HHH's turn yesterday. He needs to put his kids first too and not sweat the small stuff when the schedule changes and it's so accommodating in his direction.

And if I totally misread the situation based on tweets and this post, well ok then.

Hugs to you.

Poppy said...

*not so accommodating is what I meant to write.

Blondefabulous said...

POPPY: I was mainly upset because HHH was going to take his day off and go book the skating party for my two little one's birthday's that afternoon. Kind of wanting it to be a surprise for them, but that wasn't going to happen because of the work bullshit. HHH and I have been taking turns getting the kids from school lately, so it has been an even split. I was just pissed off as well that I also missed their Walk A Thon too. That was the promise I had made, I was going to see them walk. It was just a really bad day.