Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventures In Fabulousness!

So... as you all saw and read, CissaFireheart and I had an absolutely fabulous time at Universal Studio's Mardi Gras last night. The day started out interestingly enough. I didn't leave till around 3. HHH and I went for a ride on the motorcycle down to Siesta Key and got into the middle of this. It wasn't pretty and it's a good thing I know back roads to almost ALL of Sarasota because we had to use a few to get out of there. Then is was back home for me to pack. Time to go. I packed up, loaded up, and kissed HHH good bye and started down the road.
After about 2 hours and a couple of wrong turns, I ended up at Fireheart Mansion. I almost didn't get in because the guy in the gate house at the front of the community didn't want to let me in! I called my girl though and soon I was meeting Misk and the Minions. I brought the Minions "Whip It" posters I'd autographed, and they were suitably impressed that they were meeting a Roller Girl. Cissa was awesome enough to have picked me up some salad and dressing and even grilled a chicken breast for me for dinner! Totally gluten free and awesome! Then we were off in Cissa's van to Universal Studio's!!!

It was interesting when we got there. Parking was problematic at first. Namely the point of we couldn't find any!! After doing infinite doughnuts around the structure, we found where someone had left and soon we were walking over to where the fun was just beginning. The concert stage was set up, the Rip, Ride, Rocket was running non stop, and we found a nice corner to see the parade from. Unfortunately, we were under a tree. (The tree caught more beads than we did.) After that was over, we went in search of Hot Chocolate because it was frickin' C-O-L-D!!!!! I had my motorcycle jacket on so I was OK, but poor Cissa was freezing in her thin hoodie! We didn't find hot chocolate,but we did find the Starbucks tent in the French Quarter food court they had. We also found half dressed boys taking photos with the tourists! You know us girls had to get in on that action!!! I felt really old though, because one of them tried to convince Cissa to go buy him alcohol. Sigh......

Finally, the concert started. KC & the Sunshine band was awesome. He played his old hits, some new covers, and ended on "Get Down Tonight". It was the shit! That new hip seemed to be working out really well for him! I had to agree with Cissa that the people watching was the best. There was this douche in a track suit that looked like he just walked off from the Jersey Shore set! I kid you not he had the accent, attitude, and Guido-ish disposition. I was looking around for Snookie. The there was the random drunk people who made me glad we opted for only coffee!

After the concert was over, we hoofed it back to the van and started back to Fireheart mansion. As we're driving along, I look ahead and notice the headlights seem to be flickering. The I hear Cissa mutter, "Oh fuck." Then I notice that the rest of the electrical things in the car are going down. We whip into a gas station and the van electrical just DIES! Cissa calls Misk and we have him follow us back. I had a feeling if we had tried to go it alone we'd have broken down somewhere where the lilting strains of dueling banjos would have been the last thing we heard! Once back at Fireheart Mansion, wine was in order and we unwound and went to sleep.
As I was sleeping, my computer went into sleep mode and quit charging my iPhone. I didn't know this, so when I woke up, I had several frantic voicemails from HHH. He had gotten up, seen my tweets about car trouble, and had assumed that it was our car that had broken down! I was apparently remiss in my Tweets the night before in not mentioning it was Bertha, Cissa's van, that was having the trouble. Sorry honey. I called him after re plugging in my phone and got an earfull. I reassured him everything was OK, it wasn't our van, and I was fine. After that it was time for a cup of coffee, a quick game of Guess Who, and a shower, and then it was time to head back home to Sarasota. I left with hugs, instructions to send a photo of flamingos, and a new bloggy bestest friend!!!!! I want to thank The Fireheart clan for having me over and I really want to thank Cissa for going out with me! I had the best time. I highly recommend it!

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