Monday, January 18, 2010

What To Do?

I have made it no secret here and on Twitter that the Office has had a problem keeping an 8th person for the work load. It's not a lot of hours, but it's something we need. Today I called a lady who is a little older, a little more experienced, and possibly a little more consistent than the last two people we hired.

Monday was its usual clusterfuck. My phone was on the fritz due to me dropping it in a toilet a week or so back and I had one employee call in and the lady who used to work for us totally turn down coming back to the job. Then add in another employee having early stage flu and me having to send her home early and it was a fun fun kind of day! Then there was the office construction that was going on today as well. Boss Lady is sectioning off a part of the office and walling it in so she can have a personal office. That was L-O-U-D!!!! I made sure right at the end of my 9 hours I was out of there! I'm quite sure there will be more crisis's for me to deal with tomorrow!

Oh..... and if all goes well, I'll be picking up Gobo tomorrow!!!

Yay for puppy kisses!


Anonymous said...

Well at least you have the joy of a new puppy to look forward to... congrats!

Putz said...

you know bolondee i would love to work for you, i have cleaned toliets, my whole life but i would love to clean toliets for you, that soounded kind of sexy

phinz said...

How did you come up with the name Gobo? Is it said, "Goe Boe" or "Gobb oe" (I'm a stickler for knowing these things!)

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day, Let the music play, Down in Fraggle Rock!

Gobo was a character on Fraggle Rock.