Sunday, January 10, 2010

These Dreams.....

I am what one would call a light weight. I have never been able to drink a whole lot. I never got too hung over, just got tipsy REALLY fast! If I ever got hurt and the doctor prescribed something for pain, if it was too strong I barfed it right back up. Before everyone got all hyper over Oxycontin's, I was hurt in Orlando and took a 10mg pill of that at the hospital and ended up puking for the next two days. I tossed the script down the toilet and went to Rite Aid and got extra strength Tylenol instead. Lortabs, Vicodin, you name it...... I am seriously unable to take those things. They just don't stay down.

Enter last Tuesday night when I went to the emergency room. You all know about the toothache and what went on after that. Now, while I was there, they poked and prodded, looked at things, the nurse said I didn't look 37 for which I thanked her profusely! When the doc came and said he was going to prescribe Percocet, along with an anti nausea med and an antibiotic, I told him about my little problem with pain killers. He just politely told me, "That's what the anti nausea drug it for.". Um... gee, usually people going to the ER are drug seekers looking for pain meds and here I am asking the doc if there is anything lighter he can give me and he's pushing the hard stuff! Weird! So they gave me a round of my meds in the ER before discharge and I don't remember much of the rest of that night. The next nights, however, have been......


The dreams have been very, uh..... vivid. I'm talking so real I actually thought stuff was happening. And all of my dreams have been occurring within my favorite TV shows!! Last night's dream was all about Big Bang Theory. I was in Penny's character and we were in Sheldon's office having snarky conversation and intelligent pun tossing! I actually got Sheldon to admit that Wolowitz was smart! That was how I knew it was a dream finally. Then, we went to an amusement park where each and every ride was picked apart scientifically about how it worked, what principles of physics was being used, yadda yadda yadda...... It was just way too weird.

And that was one of the tamer ones! I'm not EVEN going to get into the more risque ones. Those....... are a whole nother blog post.

{Or maybe not! ;-)}


Putz said...

oh, come on blonde, i want to hearall your dreams, you owe it to your public, remember i am still one of your favorites. according to your blog roll so you should tell me

phinz said...

We watched "Australia" last night, and then I dreamed I was married to Hugh Jackman as Drover and we lived on a station in the outback.

And I'm not on any pain meds.