Monday, January 4, 2010


Fuck 'em all!

Because of the dumbass shit that happened Christmas day with the Underpants bomber, and then the even more dumbass shit that happened on January 3rd with the unknown guy skipping through security in the New jersey airport I have had to work really hard Monday. Jess was stuck in the middle of that Airport security nightmare in NJ and that left me here in sunny frigid ass Florida to do all the cleaning I had scheduled for her.

Fucking terrorists can just suck it. They are making my air travel more and more shitty. From only being able to take 3 oz. of liquids at a time, to possibly not being able to use my lap top during flight....... it is getting harder and harder to deal with all the rules and regulations! What's next? Not being able to wear underwear on the plane?

Oh hell fuck no!


Anonymous said...

Wait, but you don't wear....oh, nevermind.

Blondefabulous said...

ANONYMOUS: Who are you, and why have you been spying on me?????

metalmom said...

Now they will use full body scanners. The one I saw on tv showed that the 'model person' was in fact a man. How invasive! If you were wearing a tampon, it would show that too. How long until they make you 'prove' that it's only a tampon? UGH!!!