Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Random.

  • My back was hurting today from having to clean at the uber bitches house yesterday. It was unfortunate thatI also had an estimate today. Had to be dressed nicey nice. That also meant heels. Funny thing though, after a few hours, my back felt better. Who knew sparkely heels would make my back all better??
  • MY SHOES DON'T FIT ANY MORE!!!! I keep losing weight in my feet and my shoes are too big now!!! Holy crap! I have some nice shoes too! Pretty, sparkely, pretty shoes that are now too damn big! Shit!
  • On the plus side, I can go shoe shopping!
  • I am watching "Whip It" right now.
  • I should be picking up Gobo soon.
  • Did I mention I need to go shoe shopping?
  • I have my boss convinced that we need to dump the Crazy Lady in search of new clients. After the tales I had to recount to her yesterday, she was more than ready to consider acquiring new clients. I have been actually talking current clients into upping their clean count. Like going bi monthly from monthly or weekly from bi monthly. The more money I can bring in, the faster I can dump Uber Bitch.
  • I need chocolate. Aunt Flo must be getting ready to come.
That's all for now. Thanks for playing.

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