Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yeah, I touched on this a little yesterday, but after driving some more today I just have to rant off again


I swear I was aimed at more in the last two days than I care to count! No turn signals, changing lanes with out looking, merging into another lane without looking, talking on cell phones instead of driving, drifting over the line and not paying attention, etc etc.... The list goes on and on! I used to think it was the fact that our company cars have words and phone numbers printed on them and people were trying to read it and drive at the same time, but nooooooooo! That wasn't it.

I think it has a little to do with our Snowbird population. See, we have people from every state in the US, most of Canada, and several countries in Europe vacationing here. Take all those different people who have all those different styles of driving and throw them all together here in Good ol' Sarasota and BOOM! You have the problems! I use the horn all the time to let the freaks know I am there! If I didn't, I'd have been smashed up long ago. Just the other day I saw at least 3 fender benders on my drive home from work. Since our office is right down town by the fire and police departments, I hear the sirens quite a bit. It is really loud!

Sigh..... tomorrow I have an estimate at 10am. An estimate that is FAR AWAY. Like, I have to get out in that crazy traffic and drive about 30 minutes to get there far away.

Double sigh........

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