Sunday, January 3, 2010

Phot Shoot!

We had a photo shoot tonight for the band Haitz. They are a local band here in Sarasota and they wrote our intro music for when we take the floor for Derby. They were kind enough to include us in their CD cover shoot. Neato! Never been on a CD cover before!
I can't post any of the pic's from the actual shoot that I took. Those are being kept under wraps till the actual CD pic's come out.
We got all dolled up and threw on our skates and did background shots, posed shots, beat up the band shots, all kinds of shots!
That's what I wore. We were told to wear pink and black. I wasn't as skinny and cute as the other girls, but I still looked ok. I guess.

So that was my Sunday evening. Now back to the grind of work, school, and all that other crap. How'd you guys end your vacation?


Bubblewench said...

That's pretty cool! Can't wait to see the finished photos!

Poppy said...

You look like the baddest chick out there, and that's all I care about. :)

Can't wait!!!