Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I must be the only moron in America over the age of 30 who still has all her wisdom teeth. There's not much wisdom in this. The only reason they came in OK was I was already hereditarily missing other teeth, so they just came in and slid the other teeth over. I have all 4 of them and every once in a while one of them will get it in to them to move around and cause me great pain. It lasts about a week and I am usually miserable during such time. That brings us to today.

Today I look like a chipmunk on my left side. ( and no there will be NO pictures.) My upper left wisdom tooth is being a jackass. I look all wonky and dorky and OMG I am so not happy about it. I actually have to meet with customers looking like this! I can only guess they are trusting in my cleaning experience and not my looks because I got two more houses today. Thank goodness!

So now I am sitting here and trying to deal with the pain. I am taking 500mg ibuprofen and antibiotics so it should quit being a jerk really soon.

At least that's my plan.


Bubblewench said...

hope you are going to get that bastard pulled!

Nicole said...

I had one removed by the emergency dentist at the SArasota county health department 3 years ago - i was 29. the other 3 only came out about 3 months ago. so you are not the only one over 30 who has them. I know a GREAT Oral Surgeon, but shes way down here in Pt. Charlotte. She's worth the trip though - if you're interested call me or text meh! Really she'll give you valiums to relax ya before hand and she's super nice and realatively decent in the pricing. Hope you feel better!

metalmom said...

All this dental stuff makes me mad. Son2 has no insurance and hella bad pain right now. I'm sure he's fairly due to have his wisdom's pop in... :(