Thursday, January 21, 2010

The One Where I Do A Little B&E.

So, you may have seen my tweet today where I alluded to a possibly stint in the big house that might have involved my boss's husband. Yeah.... that one. Well, it's actually a funny story, see....

I was in the office waiting for Boss Lady's husband to come over. He is a $300 an hour business coach and as part of my office duties, he comes over once a week for half an hour and coaches me on how to be a better manager of the business. Yeah.... and I get this for free. So anyway, Boss Lady's husband comes over and says, "Let's go get some coffee while we have our meeting." I say OK and we walked over to this little boutique coffee shop on Towles Court. It was cute and we walked up to the door where all the signs say, "OPEN" and "Come IN!" Boss Lady's husband tries the first door and it was locked, so we think, ok go in the other door. He tries the other door and finds it unlocked so we push it open and go on in.

I heard it first. The tell tale, high pitched beep that says you have 30 seconds to find the alarm and turn it off before all hell breaks loose. I start backing out the door we came in and say to Boss Lady's husband, "Well, you touched the door not me, so I guess they'll be looking for you!" and I head down the road towards Buddha Belly Doughnuts. As we were headed down the street, away from the scene of the crime as it were, I could hear the main alarm start to go off.

We get to the doughnut shop and have our meeting and start walking back to the office about 30 minutes later. As we pass the street with the boutique coffee shop, I look down and see a couple of cop cars out front of the place. I didn't rush down and offer up that we were the ones who set off the alarm. I figure that will teach the owner to remember to LOCK the freakin door next time! Oh, and to be actually open when the sign says your open!

So that's my story about how I almost ended up in the jailhouse. I'm sure the 5-0 would have understood....

Then again, I am a derby girl. I would probably smack some people around and end up head bitch! I can be like that!!

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Finn said...

This? Is very funny.

Really, you could have told them what happened. The sign said "open" and the door was unlocked. You did nothing wrong.