Wednesday, January 13, 2010


That is the attitude I have now for my job. After talking with Jess yesterday while we were cleaning, we have decided to start circumventing Boss Lady's absentminded running of the business.(She has a total of 3 businesses!) I went to work this morning and began to do a little guerrilla rescheduling. I found where there were holes in the other teams schedules and I started moving every job I could from our team to everyone else. I basically took 2/3's of our work load off. That will make it easier for me to stay in the office and get office work done. That has been my problem. I have been in the field so damn much I haven't been able to make calls, do billing, or take care of customers like we need to. I don't want to toot my own horn, but we have several customers just because of the customer service I rendered to them. They were going to quit, but I saved the accounts. Then there are the customers that want me to clean them. I have a few of them and they are favorites of mine because I have cleaned them ever since I started with the company. Customer service is very important to me. Having a personal relationship with our customers gives me great pleasure. I have customers who in the last year I have seen them have babies, get married, move to new homes, adopt children, have surgery, etc etc etc...... I even had some who sent me condolence cards when Toby passed away! So when I think my customer service is lacking, then something is probably wrong!

So from now on, I'm going to make sure my girls get all the work I can get them, and I keep our schedule(mine & Jess's) as clear as possible. I am no longer going to work myself into a nervous breakdown. I'm going to keep Jess from having the same thing happen to her too. We office slaves have to stick together!

BTW- Thanks for all the great advice. Just so you all know, I did sign a non-compete contract when I joined the company so I can't branch out on my own. I just have to make this work for me. (and Jess.)

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I'm glad to see you being proactive on this issue!