Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lookie, Lookie!

Who has two thumbs, a script for Percoset, and a brand new "Psych" iPhone cover?

Yep! That would be me!
HHH ordered this for me last week and it came today. I have to say it was a rather bright spot in a day that started out less than acceptable. My wisdom tooth is still crappy. I couldn't find a dentist anywhere for today and even if I did, the new girl didn't come to work, so I had to go in anyway. Oh yeah.... she's fired. You don't tell me you're going to be there and then no show and fuck over my customers! C-ya!

So now I am on the hunt again for a new employee. There has to be someone out there who wants a job, right?

"Scuse me while I admire my purchase! James Roday is such a hottie!!!


Bubblewench said...

OOH! I love Psych! Nice phone cover. Hope you find a decent employee and dentist soon!!

kapgar said...

I've debated buying this for Katie and her iPhone. Is it pretty good quality? Durable? Stick on there nicely?

Putz said...

i will take your job, where do i report??????i love to clean, my last 21 years was cleaning girl's toilet and even though it was bad, i got used to it, i will not fly there thopugh cause i still wear underpants, and didn't you mention that was some kind of rule for not flying???????

Lynda said...

I want a job. :)

I don't think I want to change states again right now.

Congrats on the iPhone cover!