Saturday, January 16, 2010


I got over another one today. I went and looked at new dogs.

This is actually a HUGE step for me. I still cry over Toby. The other night when this crazy cold snap hit, I started crying because I was sad that Toby was cold in his grave! Yeah.... HHH has suggested I may need some sort of therapy. I agreed. My solution? Go see some fuzzy therapists.

I went to a few places today and looked a several Yorkies. I looked at big ones, little ones, super fuzzy ones, and smooth coat ones.

The best part? I didn't break down crying.

Most folks I have talked to can't believe that I still grieve for my dog. To them a dog is just a thing, a thing you can own. I have always seen pets as extension of my family. They are little people with fur and fangs. They have their own personality, idiosyncrasies, and quirks. That was what I was looking for today. Someone who would fit in with our family.

I think I found someone. A little boy. He is cute. He likes me. That's a really important thing. The doggie has to like me. Anywhoo.... he is adorable. I like him, he likes me, and Tuesday, he'll be joining the Wetherington Family.

Now..... All I need is a name.


Hoosier Girl said...

He's very cute.


phinz said...

VERY cute!!!! Please explain the name Gobo!

I was visiting in Ohio this past week and one of my brother & sister-in-law's cats died. I did not find it in the least strange that altho I had travelled 2500 miles to see them, they could not have visitors, due to mourning.

Our pets are our family. NEVER feel bad about missing them.

Poppy said...

What a cutie pie!!!