Monday, January 11, 2010

Born To Be Wild.

I have that itch again.

Not the one where you need to go get an ointment, but the one for wind in my hair. The one for speed. The one for power.....

The itch for a motorcycle.

And before you all get all "No! Their dangerous. Don't do it!", I was a biker chick. I have my motorcycle endorsement on my license. I rode a motorcycle in college while in Gainesville. It was economical and cheap, and parking was easier to find and OMG! The hot guys you could pick up being a blonde with a big rack on a motorcycle!!! I picked up guys and chicks! My best evening was when I had a sorority thing going on and I had to wear my black suit mini dress, stockings and heels. Now imagine long, blonde hair, that outfit, and a 400cc motorcycle. I must have gotten wolf whistles the whole ride to and from my destination. And oh yeah, I did the "take off the helmet and shake the hair" thing. I was H-A-W-T!!!!!

Now I miss that. Having a marriage, kids,and life kind of negated having a motorcycle. Can't put a baby seat on a motorcycle. Now though, we are in a place where a motorcycle is a reasonable purchase. The kids are older, HHH and I are making good money, and darn it! I wanna go riding! I used to ride down to my home town for holiday and school breaks and the long rides down the turnpike in the spring air were heavenly! Yeah it sucked when it rained, and cold winters were a bitch, but on that perfect day....... it was spiritual. I loved it. I want it again.

And soon, I'll be the hot blonde on the bike again!


Finn said...

I've never had the desire to ride a motorcycle, which is strange because I'm generally up for anything.

I do know that I cannot stand being a passenger on one. Too many control issues!

Poppy said...

I'm pretty sure I'd never discourage you from doing something that makes you happy, unless it was being a serial killer or something.

ENJOY THE RIIIIIIIDE! When you get there. :D PICTURES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad. Last year hubby got yet another new Harley and wants me to ride with him. I try to explain that riding is not the same as riding but alas, he does not understand.
I am therefore held captive and forced to go on long bike rides of which I have no interest. I feel bad. Maybe I shall bequeath unto you my hubby. (and his bike)