Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That's Disturbing.

I saw something this morning that just kind of gave me the creeps, and I'm not talking about the guy who gets his newspaper in the morning in his underpants. I was watching CNN while the kids were getting ready and a new Michelin commercial came on. It was a cartoon one that opened with a scene of all kinds of run over bunnies, raccoons, and other such small animals. It said, "Once there was a sad sad road where the cars couldn't stop in time for the little animals crossing it." Enter a cute bunny crossing said road of death! Then a car came racing down road of death and started braking to try to not hit cute bunny to no avail. All the dead animals start screaming to warn the bunny! Enter the Michelin Man! He throws these new tires that brake better in bad conditions onto the car and the car stops in time before cute bunny gets run over! Then all the animals, dead and alive, get up and begin dancing around the stopped car. Yes, I did say the DEAD animals with tire tracks going over them get up and dance around.

Um...... EW!

Needlessto say, I was not immediately moved to go out and buy those tires. Dead dancing animals don"t seem to work with me when it comes to advertising, and to have it rolling out right around Christmas?? What Madison Avenue moron thought that would be a good idea? Kind of dumb.

Although, when I told HHH about it, he laughed his ass off. I guess that means the commercial must be aimed towards men.


Nicole said...

now I've seen this commercial, and yes, sadly, I laughed too. Yea, it's sick and twisted, but then again so am I. I would hate for anything to happen to an animal, especially to have one run over, but this commercial, as sick as it is, is kinda funneh

Finn said...

Haven't had the pleasure as yet. Hope I don't. Ever. Ew.