Monday, December 7, 2009

So Much For That!

Well, so much for my work starting to work itself out. I had a meeting with Boss Lady and her husband today after I was done running numerous errands for the office. We all sat down and instantly I thought.... "This isn't gonna be good." They were sitting on one side of the desk and I was on the other. Boss Lady started off with what she wanted to have happen, like a new form created so that we could keep better track of the car mileage for tax purposes, she talked about another new folder in the filing cabinet for extra forms that we use daily, then Boss Lady's husband talked about some crap that didn't make sense, then he and she asked me what I had to contribute to the meeting that would make things run smoother. I said that having someone in the office,(not necessarily me), at all times to offer our customers immediate support would be a good idea. I also suggested having a permanent team 4 person would be good as well so we have a team to depend on for the extra business we have been drumming up.

They shot me down. Point.Blank.

Apparently, even with the debacle of last week happening because I am N.E.V.E.R in the office to have enough time to properly do anything anymore, it wasn't bad enough to make her realize we need someone in the office for a majority of the day! In fact, Boss Lady then went on to say she wanted me to leave my personal computer at home or in it's bag from now on because, in her words... "I think it is distracting you and that is why we had the problems last week."

W! T! F?!?

Um, no. I messed up last week because I was out cleaning almost all day, every day, then I had to come back to the office late in the day and try to cram an entire day's office work into 2 or 3 hours!!!! Of course I am going to be so freaking tired I can't see straight by the end of the day!!! And the funny thing is that I haven't even been able to hook up my computer in the last week and a half! I have been too busy...... WORKING!!!!!! I just nodded my head and wrote down "What a crock" in my iPhone notes. Sigh..... Then I went about trying to get the days crap finished, plus get the oil changed in one of the fleet cars at the dealership, go back to the office to change out the books for the next days clients and return phone calls to the people who have been calling all day while I have been trying to get all the other stuff done!

So I am going to seriously look into another career direction in the new year. I can't keep going on doing the work of 3 people, but only being one person. It was great that everyone gave me awesome advice the other day, and I even followed some of it to a T, but even though I have spoken directly to Boss Lady and told her I can't be everything because it is physically impossible, she just doesn't get it. She blew off my suggestions, negated my input, and basically didn't hear a word I said. I can't stay where I am not valued for my input.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I obviously don't know all the details of the situation, but I wouldn't have let the claim about the personal laptop being the problem stand if you hadn't even used it that week. Of course, if the truth is that it has been a distraction at times and just not this time, then I might have shrugged it off, but I doubt that is the case based on your description.

I would have clearly detailed the actual events and stuck to it. Perhaps I'd have gotten fired for that?

Blondefabulous said...

REN: I have used it for my personal email, business email that comes to me personally, (ie- business coaching, craigslist ads for employees, etc...) and keeping up with twitter. I have never had it interrupt my day and always had my work done. This has been an issue of me not being in the office to get my work done because I have been out in the field cleaning, then having to rush back to the office and try to cram everything into a short couple of hours. It just can't be done.

Anonymous said...

That's what I expected. Don't let them change history! Tell it like it is!

Best of luck!

phinz said...

Your situation is classic--you work your ass off to please a boss that's nice at first, and then she gets pissed because you can't do it all 24/7. And she blames YOU for this on any flimsy excuse she can conjure up (the "personal computer.")

Yeah. YOU are an awesome person and SHE is a spoiled brat--I'd call her a bitch but she's obviously not mature enough to be called that. She's never had to actually GROW UP and be responsible for HER actions. She does not deserve you. And you certainly do NOT deserve her.

No matter what career path you pursue, you will excel--because that's who you are. No matter who she hires to be her personal slave, they will never measure up--she will never be satisfied with anyone.

You are the better person. She will always live in her own hell of her own making.