Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Hab Uh Code, & Other Fun.

  • Well, not all the way, but enough of a plague that I don't wanna give it to everyone else. I got it from my son who has been out for the last couple of days with this ick. I am getting the stuffy sinuses, cough, and sore joints that signal the onset of some sort of plague. Yay.Thank goodness it's almost the weekend.
  • I think I may have convinced my boss that I can't be in two places at once. She has me and Jess coordinating our schedules so one of us is in the office at all times. That way, problems like what happened the other day wouldn't happen again. Finally..... some light in the closet!
  • Did I mention I'm sick? Oh I did? Damn.... must have forgotten I did that. It's making me have to miss Derby practice. (Redneck says we aren't allowed to come to practice and spread disease!) Next Tuesday is gonna HURT when I go back!!!
  • I think Toby is haunting the cat. Lately the cat has been acting batshit nutfuck wacko. he's chasing stuff that isn't there, having meow conversations with something that isn't there. I know cats are weird and sometimes do weird stuff, but this has just started happening. Seems funny that Toby would haunt the cat.
  • I spent 30 minutes before work this morning cleaning the kitchen and living room. It looked awesome. I got home today and it was back to crap..... sigh.
  • I am going to bed early tonight.
  • Snxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Finn said...

Perhaps the cat is the only one who can feel/see Toby. Animals sometimes pick up on things we don't.

Hope you feel better quickly.