Friday, December 25, 2009


1. Havoc Heli
2. Duff Cake Decorating Station
3. Rubick's Cube
4. Stocking full of candy

1:Littlest Pet Shop Adoption Center
2. Littlest Pet Shop Day Care Center
3. Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Playset
4. Stocking full of candy

1. Nerf Sniper Rifle w/extra Ammo
2. Toy Matchbox cars
3. 42 piece Black & Decker kids Tool set.
4. Stocking full of candy

1. Victoria's Secret Bra
2. Victoria's Secret lace boy shorts
3. iPhone (got that one early)

1. Blackberry(got his early too!)
2. Skinit skin for said Blackberry.

All in all, a decent haul. Now to hit the stores for after Christmas specials!!! All the photos can be found here. Happy happy what ever you celebrate!

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