Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Do you see that shit?


That is the shower in a bathroom I went and cleaned last Thursday. It was COVERED with black mold and mildew! I sent that photo to HHH and he texted back to me RUN!! I took the job because when the woman called, she said she just wanted her bathrooms and kitchen done. OK. I scheduled her and off we went. I should have gotten a sinking feeling when we went in and I didn't see any furniture. Nope. Not a stick of furniture! And the woman said there were 3 people living in the condo. All I could see was trash, piles of dirty clothes, and hundreds of cups with bendy straws in them! The even scarier part was we saw all the trappings for someone owning a cat: Litterbox, food, bowls, toys.... but no cat! Poor thing is probably lost in there!!

I think the woman was a hoarder. I was disbelieving of her saying she had 2 other roommates. I think the lady is just a hoarder and either her condo association told her she had to clean it up or get out, or the health department did. Either way, we are booked for another cleaning of just her bathrooms and kitchen for next week.

Oh.... and I got ALL of that shit off her bathroom walls. I am that good!


Nicole said...

that lady is what you would call a twatwaffle!!! LOL
Did you all wear masks? cuz breathing that crap CANT be healthy :(
you're a trooper and tough cookie Miss Nicole!! <3

kapgar said...

Sick and wrong on so many levels.

Finn said...

Um, ew. Bless your heart.

Poppy said...

You are AMAZING!!!!!

upset waitress said...

Fucking gross.

delmer said...

I'm puzzling over the clean areas surrounded by the moldy areas. Does she sit and pick at the mold while she soaks?

She needs to keep a Clorox spritzer on in the tub with her.

Bubblewench said...

oh my ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You are a saint.