Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've had it.

I twittered today that I needed to have a serious talk with my boss about just what I am supposed to be doing. See, for the last two or three weeks I have been going non-stop. I have been cleaning houses almost every day and on top of that, I have had to do all the office work as well. Add that to the fact that because of Boss Lady doing a street fair where she got almost 100 new leads and has been dumping the resulting crap on me. So after I get done with two or three houses I have to try and cram in as much office work as I can before it hits 5:30pm and I go home. I have to work till 5:30 now because I have to take the kids home every day. Yay!

Today it all went screwy. I was out cleaning two houses because Boss Lady said I should do it and not one of the EMPLOYEES who are PAID to do it. yeah.... we had a girl who Boss Lady told me to tell to stay home. So we get done and I check my phone and there are messages galore. Seems I put a wrong map in the team 1 book and since I wasn't allowed to have my phone in the houses (customers don't like it), they just went back to the office and left for the day. Then the Lady who got left called the office and all hell broke loose! I am lucky the woman likes me because otherwise she would have quit! I went by my self to clean her bathrooms and kitchen.The bad part of all of this is that it could have been avoided. All of it. If I had been back at the office, where I am supposed to be, I would have been able to answer my phone and I could have had the girls come back to the office on their way and get the right map.Or I could have taken the map to the girls. Or I could have given them directions over the phone! But no..... I was out cleaning houses and not doing the job I thought I had been promoted to. Sigh.....

I even TRIED to tell Boss Lady that I could not do the two jobs at once and she asked me if it would be better if I ended my day at 2:30. Um... excuse me? How does me getting out of work at 2:30 gonna make up for the fact that I am NEVER in the office to do my OFFICE work anymore??? WTF!??! I have a pile of shit that needs to be done and no time to do it in! I actually called HHH and cried on the phone to him after all this went down. He told me I should quit. I don't wanna, but I can't keep going on like this.

I'm tired, I keep having terrible pain in my shoulders from the stress, and I never get enough sleep anymore. I have had enough. Any suggestions?


Russ said...

You gotta have a sit down with the Boss Lady. Tell her that you are the office manager and not on the cleaning crew. The cleaning crew needs to be trusted to do their jobs (or get people who can be trusted to do the job right).

This sounds almost like why my wife is going through, all the responsibility with none of the power to make it happen.

Finn said...

You have three choices: change, accept or leave.

Talk to Boss Lady and tell her this is not working. You are either the office manager or part of the cleaning crew. That's change.

Do nothing and just deal with what is. Accept.

Quit. That's leave.

Tell your boss that it's not working this way. If she's not willing to make it right, leave. If you do not absolutely need the job, it's not worth the stress.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What Finn said.

(That may be my theme for today. Maybe I should just write a blog post that points to her blog.)