Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't You Hate It When....

.... you have a great idea for a blog post and if you don't write it down right away, poof. It's gone! Yeah,I have been doing that all week this week. Something will happen, it will stick in my mind, I'll say to myself, "Man, I gotta blog that!" then it's gone! Augh! I hate that. It's bad enough I hardly have time to eat or go to the bathroom now a days, but when this starts to interfere with my blogging, we have a problem! LOL. Maybe not! Still, I have to wonder why I can't remember a simple idea till the end of the day. I guess I will have to start using the notes app on my iPhone more often!

Speaking of my iPhone, I am in love with that wonderful piece of tech! I hate to break it to my bosses, but I don't really need my lap top at work if I have my iPhone. I can surf, update Twitter, and do everything I was doing before. Now, if I only had time to do it! The next few weeks will be murder on me. I am going to be cleaning alot of the days up until Christmas. So many people having an utter cow and wanting their houses cleaned before the relatives show up for the holidays! I love the panic season. Still, the new year can't get here fast enough so we can start relaxing.

That reminds me.... I'll be in Orlando with the family next weekend. We are taking the family to Universal for Grinchmas again this year and if there are any bloggy peoples in Orlando who want to get together for drinks or dinner, drop me a line. HHH doesn't mind me going out to meet bloggers! I love him for that!

OK. Now I am going to sleep.I have got to sleep this cold off somehow! Damn those kids of mine bringing me the plague home from school!

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Russ said...

Why don't you use that piece of tech to make a note to yourself?

And,yes, I do that all-the-freaking-time.