Friday, December 4, 2009


OK. Today sucked.
1. I forgot to take the gas money from the pocket of the pants I was wearing yesterday so after getting a few miles down the road I had to turn right back around and go back to the house.
2. Just as we started back out for the day, Junior started barfing in the car. Smelly, nasty barf too. Fruity pebbles does not smell good coming back up!
3. Dr office took forever today, but an iPhone and ear buds along with Robot Chicken Star Wars part 1 & 2 will keep a 7 year old quiet!
4. Even though Junior is feeling bad I feel better. To combat the plague going around, I made fresh turkey soup from scratch. By from scratch I mean I boil the carcass down, make my own broth, add fresh veggies, season to taste, and voila! Home made medicine! Feed a cold.....
5. I have to go to work tomorrow. I stayed home today to watch Junior and make sure he didn't puke so much his sugar got dangerously low. I still answered phone calls, and chatted up clients. I probably won't have too much to do though. And Saturday will give me time to call deadbeat clients who need to pay up before the end of the year. I gotz deadlines, yo!
6. I have discovered a music share site I am absolutely in love with and can get all sorts of music and TV shows for my iPhone at a really good price! Thanks HHHfor showing it to me! Now I have the Scrubs Musical episode and can watch it at work!!!!
7. I have never seen Glee. I was a band geek, not a choir geek. Meh.....
8. Is it dorky that I have the entire Charlie Brown Christmas in Christmas figurines instead of a Nativity scene? I also have the tree.... including the 1 red ornament.

How did this turn into another bullet post? Oh well, How was your Friday?

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