Sunday, December 20, 2009

55 Lighter.

This was last December, 2008. It was almost a year to the day. 365 days.
I was a little larger back then. The boy hides a whole lot of gut in that photo there. Even though I was all smiley and perky in the picture, I was still self conscious about how I looked.
Enter 2009. 365 days later. Well, 365 days and 55 pounds later!! I am still self conscious, but not so much anymore.
I was in my derby outfit today. ALL day. At Universal. In both parks. Yeah, people looked at me funny, and yeah, a few even giggled, but for once, I didn't even notice. It just never bothered me.
Looking at the photos side by side, I can see the difference. My face is thinner, my arms look smaller,and if you could see it in this photo, my legs are smaller too. Hard to believe that in 365 days I lost 55 pounds, but I did. Not by doing anything freaky or scary, but just by doing what was right. Eating better, exercising, and paying attention to my Celiac's Disease.

What a difference a year makes!


Finn said...

Congrats! That's an amazing accomplishment. Keep up the good work!

Poppy said...

Congrats, Derby Chick. ;)