Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Few Suggestions For 2010.

Hey there Baby New Year! Listen, I know you're only a few minutes old right now and there are probably some really BITCHIN' parties you have VIP passes to get into, but while I have your ear I'd like to give you a few suggestions for your upcoming job of being the new year.

#1- I'd really like to NOT be homeless this year. This is a no brainer. In the past two years our family has been homeless TWICE because of job loss in this shitty economy. While this has made our family closer, it is just too damn stressful. This past time was stressful to the point that I was seriously intent on ending my own life rather than see my children out on the street....... AGAIN! Lucky for me I had a large net of intarwebz friends who helped our family and encouraged me not to end things with the dolphins. Now things are better than ever and I'd really like it to stay that way.

#2- Please lay the hell off my friends! Once again, a no brainer. If I thought my life was so sucky that I wanted to end it all, I know people who have dealt with way worse that I could have ever thought of!!! One lost her husband and father this year. Another had friends in terrible situations this year all the while dealing with their own demons. Another passed away from this world!! Still another almost lost her family to a tornado! Death, job loss, weather calamities, other crap.... come on damn it! Can we have a little good now? I really would like for my friends to have good this year.

#3- Can the world be a nicer place this year? People bombing people. People shooting people. People dying in natural disasters. People just committing random acts of violence against others for the sheer joy of doing it. Why? We all need to take a collective chill pill and calm the fuck down. Just because you don't believe in what I believe, or I don't see things from your perspective doesn't mean we have to beat each other into a bloody pulp! Can the world in general please just mellow out?

#4- Mo' Good Economy. Kind of like Mo' Better Blues only not. I figure the more cash flow America has, the better everyone will be doing. More jobs, more money, less unemployment, less homelessness. I guess it kind of goes along with suggestion #1.

And that's all I have for you for now. I won't keep you much longer, I know you're antsy to get off to those parties. Just a suggestion for you though. Change the diaper, you smell a little ripe. Can't pick up chicks if you're smelly! Now go out there and have fun, just remember I am right here and ready to lay the smackdown on your candy ass if you even THINK of fucking around!


Good. Just so we understand each other.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Do you see that shit?


That is the shower in a bathroom I went and cleaned last Thursday. It was COVERED with black mold and mildew! I sent that photo to HHH and he texted back to me RUN!! I took the job because when the woman called, she said she just wanted her bathrooms and kitchen done. OK. I scheduled her and off we went. I should have gotten a sinking feeling when we went in and I didn't see any furniture. Nope. Not a stick of furniture! And the woman said there were 3 people living in the condo. All I could see was trash, piles of dirty clothes, and hundreds of cups with bendy straws in them! The even scarier part was we saw all the trappings for someone owning a cat: Litterbox, food, bowls, toys.... but no cat! Poor thing is probably lost in there!!

I think the woman was a hoarder. I was disbelieving of her saying she had 2 other roommates. I think the lady is just a hoarder and either her condo association told her she had to clean it up or get out, or the health department did. Either way, we are booked for another cleaning of just her bathrooms and kitchen for next week.

Oh.... and I got ALL of that shit off her bathroom walls. I am that good!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

!s It 2010 Yet?

Really? I have to put up with 2 more days of this whack, fucked up year?

Not fair!! (stomps feet!)

Monday, December 28, 2009


So I've been listening to the radio and watching TV and everyone's talking New Years Resolutions. I started thinking about my resolutions for this past year and I think I did pretty damn good. I have lost 55 pounds, I went to Avitoween, and I have found a new hobby! That's not too shabby. After reviewing my progress, I started thinking about what I may want to accomplish next year. I know I want to continue my weight loss. I also need to keep working on my meeting of new people. One cannot stay scared in a cocoon forever, right? Aaaaannnndddd even though I said I wasn't going to go to Avitoween again, I'm gonna get over what ever the fuck was keeping me from having fun and go again.

So, in conclusion,

1. Keep up my weight loss.
2. Keep having fun with my Roller Derby hobby.
3. Keep meeting new people.

I mean, hey.... why mess with success?
So what are your Resolutions this year??

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This has been an awesome weekend. Christmas turned out good, I didn't go wacknut cleaning all weekend, and even the kids didn't get on my nerves! We only broke 1 toy, and it isn't really broken, Rebecca just flew her Havoc Heli too high and its stuck on the roof.

Holiday accomplished.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


That's Japanese for "Make an ass out of yourself singing!"

We went out and got the Karaoke Revolution game for Wii today. I am now hoarse. I realize I have baaaaaad phlegm in my chest. I haven't sang with any sort of intent since college. I haven't had vocal lessons since college either. It shows. My kids and I are having fun though. HHH is trying to play along with us, but he says he knows he can't sing, so why have a gamrtell him what he already knows? No prob. He can video tape the rest of us looking like complete and utter doofusses! For example....

So there ya go! Wanna good laugh, just visit our YouTube channel for some of whati have dubbed Moron Karaoke Theater!

Friday, December 25, 2009


1. Havoc Heli
2. Duff Cake Decorating Station
3. Rubick's Cube
4. Stocking full of candy

1:Littlest Pet Shop Adoption Center
2. Littlest Pet Shop Day Care Center
3. Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Playset
4. Stocking full of candy

1. Nerf Sniper Rifle w/extra Ammo
2. Toy Matchbox cars
3. 42 piece Black & Decker kids Tool set.
4. Stocking full of candy

1. Victoria's Secret Bra
2. Victoria's Secret lace boy shorts
3. iPhone (got that one early)

1. Blackberry(got his early too!)
2. Skinit skin for said Blackberry.

All in all, a decent haul. Now to hit the stores for after Christmas specials!!! All the photos can be found here. Happy happy what ever you celebrate!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Charlie Brown,... That's Me.

Yeah.... I'm the Charlie Brown this year. Christmas isn't meaning a whole heck of a lot to me outside of being with my family. This year, even with all of the good, has been a pain in the ass. 2010 can't get here fast enough for me so I can kiss this year good bye. I would, however, like to give Jolly old Saint Nick a short list of what I would really like for Christmas.....

#1- For people who mean something to stop dying! This isn't a hard one. There are so many useless freaking pieces of shit on this planet. Why can't some of those fuckers die instead of Him, Him and Her?? It makes no sense to me.

#2- I want a dog for Christmas. Yes, just like the other Charlie Brown Cartoon. It has been over 2 months now and I am still crying over the loss of my pet Toby. I go every day seeing something that reminds me of him. I saw a woman yesterday walk in two EXACT Toby copies. I sighed. Even the cat misses Toby still. He's gained 4 pounds, so I guess he eats his feelings like I do.

#3- Homes. For people who need them. People who, through no fault of their own, are being thrown out on the street because of job loss, catastrophic illness, or some other horrible thing. WTF?? I know we worship the almighty dollar in this country, but what about serving your fellow man? How does dumping children on the street serve anyone? Greedy fuckers need to live some of their own medicine.

#4- Peace. I'll take any kind of peace. World peace. Mental Peace. Hell, just peace in general! (This is where HHH would pop in with a joke about "gettin' a piece"!) There is just too much rage and stupidity out there right now. I see it on the road when I am driving, on the news I watch in the morning before work, everywhere! Mofo's need to calm the hell down out there.

#5- Love. I want real love. Unconditional, enveloping love. No strings, no I love you one minute, I hate you the next. Love is constant. Love forgives. Love makes it better when the world is bad. Everyone needs love.

So there you have it. My short list of what I'd like for Christmas. And to all of you out there, may you get everything you have on your lists this year. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This week is going to kill me. I can feel it. On Monday the new girl we hired quit. Just like that. No hello, good bye, go to hell, or nothing. She said she wasn't getting enough hours. Um.... HELLO? It was only her second day! Fuck you very much.

So with no new girl I went out and did a full slate of houses today. It sucked ass. All the houses were H-U-G-E and dirty as hell. One house had so much damn dog hair on the floor I could have made a new dog. On a better note, I got $35 in tips.

Tomorrow I have to do another full slate of houses.... with a brand new girl. She was the other candidate whom Boss Lady didn't pick because the first girl had more experience. Yeah. We see how that turned out.

Is it 2010 yet!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

55 Lighter.

This was last December, 2008. It was almost a year to the day. 365 days.
I was a little larger back then. The boy hides a whole lot of gut in that photo there. Even though I was all smiley and perky in the picture, I was still self conscious about how I looked.
Enter 2009. 365 days later. Well, 365 days and 55 pounds later!! I am still self conscious, but not so much anymore.
I was in my derby outfit today. ALL day. At Universal. In both parks. Yeah, people looked at me funny, and yeah, a few even giggled, but for once, I didn't even notice. It just never bothered me.
Looking at the photos side by side, I can see the difference. My face is thinner, my arms look smaller,and if you could see it in this photo, my legs are smaller too. Hard to believe that in 365 days I lost 55 pounds, but I did. Not by doing anything freaky or scary, but just by doing what was right. Eating better, exercising, and paying attention to my Celiac's Disease.

What a difference a year makes!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're Here!

Right now, as we speak, I am comfortably ensconced in a 10th floor hotel room with my family. I worked all day and then came home to pack. HHH had graciously done laundry so I got everything together, we packed up, and were gone.

There wasn't too much traffic, only 2 really crappy accidents on I-4 including the 5 car pile up I tweeted about. That one was U-G-L-Y, but at least it was in the other lanes. Not blocking us! So we made excellent time getting here to O-Town.

Now, if you didn't know, there is a little get together tomorrow called CISSACON happening at the Red Coconut down in City Walk. We're meeting up to welcome CissaFireheart back to Florida from the wintry depths of the Great White North! Come join us tomorrow night at 7:30pm and lets show Cissa some warm Florida Hospitality!

And now I need to shower and go to bed! Good night!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That's Disturbing.

I saw something this morning that just kind of gave me the creeps, and I'm not talking about the guy who gets his newspaper in the morning in his underpants. I was watching CNN while the kids were getting ready and a new Michelin commercial came on. It was a cartoon one that opened with a scene of all kinds of run over bunnies, raccoons, and other such small animals. It said, "Once there was a sad sad road where the cars couldn't stop in time for the little animals crossing it." Enter a cute bunny crossing said road of death! Then a car came racing down road of death and started braking to try to not hit cute bunny to no avail. All the dead animals start screaming to warn the bunny! Enter the Michelin Man! He throws these new tires that brake better in bad conditions onto the car and the car stops in time before cute bunny gets run over! Then all the animals, dead and alive, get up and begin dancing around the stopped car. Yes, I did say the DEAD animals with tire tracks going over them get up and dance around.

Um...... EW!

Needlessto say, I was not immediately moved to go out and buy those tires. Dead dancing animals don"t seem to work with me when it comes to advertising, and to have it rolling out right around Christmas?? What Madison Avenue moron thought that would be a good idea? Kind of dumb.

Although, when I told HHH about it, he laughed his ass off. I guess that means the commercial must be aimed towards men.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back In The Saddle.

I got back to derby finally tonight. I was dressed out and rolling a little early to see if my balance needed a little "extra" work. Having had two weeks of illness that basically amounted to a cold sandwiched between two bouts of stomach flu, I was in need of getting back on my skates. I figured since I went running last night at the gym, I would be OK right? Big mistake. We did our warm up laps, stretches, and then it was hitting drills time. I did OK the first two rounds, but then I was blocking the third time and Shasta McNasty came up and hit me. OUCH! My ribs are still tender from throwing up as hard as I did on Sunday! Holy crap. She brought me to my knees and Redneck told me to take it easy for the rest of the drill. I laid off the hitting and did the endurance stuff instead. It was nice to be back though. I missed it. Now to get through the rest of this week and then the weekend and whoo hoo! Party time!

Have I mentioned that CissaCon is Friday night tentatively?


The totally awesome CissaFireheart is moving to FL even as we speak and she will be in Orlando when I am there with my family for Grinchmas!!! Woot! We are putting out the call for everyone in the area to meet up with us at Universal CityWalk so we can all welcome her properly! Make your plans now people!!!!!

OK. I have to shower and go to bed. It's 11pm and I still need to shower off the sweat and tell the upstairs idiots to shut the fuck up. Nothing interesting, but they are moving their furniture around. AT 11 PM. WTF????

Time to go Derby on their asses!

Monday, December 14, 2009


After my second bout of stomach flu, I got up at 6:15 am and went off to work. I must have looked like death warmed over because the team I was leading kept looking at me funny and asking me if I was OK. Heh.... yeah, I was OK. Weak, tired, wrung out..... but OK. As it was I headed out bright and early to the Crazy Lady's condo on Longboat Key to clean her place. This woman is one of our pickiest clients E-V-E-R! Well, a. She forgot we were coming and b. She was nice today. She even smiled at me, laughed, and gave me a hug when she opened the Chanukah card I gave her. After that, we just spun through the other house on our list and I was back at the office.

Once back at home base, I got started on the paperwork. Also had to schedule 3 different jobs that I took over the phone while I was cleaning the houses as well. Once all that was done, it was time to interview prospective employees. I had two interviews scheduled for that afternoon. One at 4:30 and one at 5. The 4:30 stood me up. I wasn't happy about it. The 5 showed up early. I was impressed. I have her coming back at 3:30 tomorrow to speak with Boss Lady. Hopefully, On Wednesday I will have a new employee to help out!! Yay!

As for the rest of the day, I got home by about 6:30pm, ate an awesome meal of grilled chicken and corn, and then went to the gym to run out the last of the ick. I did good, considering I was completely immobile Sunday. Running is new for me. I thought it would be a good idea to begin running on the days I'm not doing Derby. It's also so I can show HHH a little love since he has recently decided to start exercising.

So that was my day. If you're still reading this, then you've figured out by now that the title has nothing to do with the stuff I wrote about. Ha! I'm a little blonde like that!

Blonde and FABULOUS!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I spent Sunday in bed, and the bathroom. All day. My children reinfected me with the stomach flu I had last week. I was cleaning out their rooms in an effort to eradicate this ick that has had a grip on them. (Thanks so much for those flu shots Doc.... they bite ass!) So I haven't eaten in 24 hours, my eldest daughter is sick as well, and I almost lost my wedding rings because I am so dehydrated, They just slipped right off! OMG!!!

On another note, HHH want's to say thank you to all of you who have expressed their condolences. He really appreciated it. We are still getting things together, but it looks like there won't be a funeral service. HHH's dad is having G'Pa cremated. The boys are going up to visit on the 18th for the day. Supposedly, the PIA brother from Memphis is going to come down, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I saw what happened last time. Either or, HHH is taking it well. It helps that we kind of knew it would be coming. Ever since he wouldn't stay at the hospital last month we kind of knew. Like I had said though, we hoped it wouldn't be during the holidays. Oh well.... I will help HHH through, right after I quit puking electric green pudding I do n't remember eating out of my stomach. (and doing other, more "crappy" business.)

Now to try and recover. I have to work tomorrow!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't have anything for a post right now. We found out that HHH's grandfather passed away today. Apparently, HHH's father went by to check in on G'Pa and see if he needed anything from the store, and had to call 911. Then, while en route to the VA hospital something happened and they had to reroute to a nearer facility, but G'Pa passed before they could get there. He was born in 1936, served his country, raised a family, and lived a life. I didn't know him very well. I only met him a few times when we would come for family visits. Still, he was HHH's grandfather, and HHH is very distraught right now. I'm trying to do anything I can to help him. I may not be on here as much. We're just going to take it day by day. Thanks for all the condolences.

UPDATE: I also woke up at 4am with ANOTHER bout of stomach flu. This is the second time in as many weeks! 2009 can just suck it as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Going To The Chapel.

Do you see that fabulous and sexy man right there? Oh yes, I do mean the guy in the wiener costume. That is the man I adore. I have been in love with this man for a decade now. I have been married to him for almost 6 years. And even though things haven't gone as smoothly as we would have liked, we have still weathered the storms and come out on the other side. (Even though he does wear a wiener suit every now and again.)

The other day, as we were going over end of the year tax information, planning what bills to pay with refund money, yadda yadda yadda, and HHH turned to me and asked,

"What if we go back to Vegas and get remarried?"

I was speechless for a moment. I thought about it for a while, and then I said "Sure!".
Why wouldn't I want to go back to the place I married my best friend? Where I saw the magic of the Fountains at Bellagio, the beauty of the city at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris, and rode in a romantic gondola at the Venetian? I LOVE Vegas..... well, the touristy version anyway. I imagine living there is three shades of hell, but still, going there is high on my priority list. There are still a few things we have to work out, but come June 16th, we will be back at TI being remarried at the same chapel where it all began. (Unless I can talk HHH into getting our vows done on the pirate ship out front!)
I mean, who wouldn't want to marry this smokin' hot hunk of man? This tender Dad, this awesome partner in my journey of life!

Not me! I'm gonna step right up and say I DO!!!!!!!

Anyone else wanna go watch?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis The Season...

... to be jolly, or so I have heard.

Jolly is something I can usually pull off with grace and dignity. I never drink too much at the company party and make an ass of myself, I let other drivers cut me off and happily wave at them as they try to kill some other unsuspecting motorist, and I even give a cheery wave to people as they rush by me on the street or in that death trap they call a mall! It is the time of year. It makes me think about another time of year..... last Halloween to be exact!

See, I will be in Orlando again this coming weekend, namely the 17th to the 20th with my family for Grinchmas at Universal, and I put out to the Twitterverse today that I wanted to get together with some folks and maybe have drinks one of those nights. This is a big thing for me because at Avitoween I was a chicken shit when it came to meeting and talking to people! I came off as stand offish and didn't get to meet half the people I wanted to. All because I have this fear of the new and unknown. Then I got to thinking..... I meet new and unknown people every. frickin. day! I meet people, go to their houses, talk to them, convince them to give me their money and employ my company's services, and then go on to the next new client! Lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum! Over and over I meet new people I have never seen before, but when it came to meeting people I have already known from the Internet and reading their blogs and email and I froze up faster than molasses in January in Saskatchewan! W? T? F? I just don't get it. I am a grown woman. I am gonna be 40 in 3 years time. I should be able to conquer this phobia! I will conquer it! I must! The best way I know how to do that is to jump in with both feet and ride roughshod over my fears. The next time I have to meet up with anyone from my blogosphere is when we go to Orlando next weekend.

Hey, I'll just call it my gift to me this season! So who in the Orlando area wants to go have that drink next weekend?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't You Hate It When....

.... you have a great idea for a blog post and if you don't write it down right away, poof. It's gone! Yeah,I have been doing that all week this week. Something will happen, it will stick in my mind, I'll say to myself, "Man, I gotta blog that!" then it's gone! Augh! I hate that. It's bad enough I hardly have time to eat or go to the bathroom now a days, but when this starts to interfere with my blogging, we have a problem! LOL. Maybe not! Still, I have to wonder why I can't remember a simple idea till the end of the day. I guess I will have to start using the notes app on my iPhone more often!

Speaking of my iPhone, I am in love with that wonderful piece of tech! I hate to break it to my bosses, but I don't really need my lap top at work if I have my iPhone. I can surf, update Twitter, and do everything I was doing before. Now, if I only had time to do it! The next few weeks will be murder on me. I am going to be cleaning alot of the days up until Christmas. So many people having an utter cow and wanting their houses cleaned before the relatives show up for the holidays! I love the panic season. Still, the new year can't get here fast enough so we can start relaxing.

That reminds me.... I'll be in Orlando with the family next weekend. We are taking the family to Universal for Grinchmas again this year and if there are any bloggy peoples in Orlando who want to get together for drinks or dinner, drop me a line. HHH doesn't mind me going out to meet bloggers! I love him for that!

OK. Now I am going to sleep.I have got to sleep this cold off somehow! Damn those kids of mine bringing me the plague home from school!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Round Up.

Well, by now you all are tired of the stories from work, tired on the stories of me being sick, and tired of hearing about almost everything I have had going here for the last couple of weeks. So, we'll just move on to something a little brighter in the season.


Yes, it's that time of year when I ask you all if I can send you a nice, benign holiday card. Yes, I did say holiday card because I don't do the religious thing. Sorry. I don't hate on other people doing it though, so if I send you something, and you feel like sharing back with something that you believe in, go 'head on wit yo bad self! I am equal opportunity! So anyway, if you would be so kind as to give me your address I am going to hand out a slew of paper(recycled) tidings! Just send it to and eventually and hopefully, you'll get a neato holiday card in the mail. If I got your addy last year, no need to re mail the information unless there has been a change or a recent move.

I am hopeful that this year all of my cards will get to their appointed destinations! last year, any of the cards I tried to send to overseas came back to me! No explaination, just came back. I also had a handful of domestic cards come back as well. I was thinking of having a game where everyone picks a number representing the amount of cards I get back in the mail this year! That's right, let's bet on the USPS's incompetence and poor delivery skills.

Winner gets a free yule log!

Email me people!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So Much For That!

Well, so much for my work starting to work itself out. I had a meeting with Boss Lady and her husband today after I was done running numerous errands for the office. We all sat down and instantly I thought.... "This isn't gonna be good." They were sitting on one side of the desk and I was on the other. Boss Lady started off with what she wanted to have happen, like a new form created so that we could keep better track of the car mileage for tax purposes, she talked about another new folder in the filing cabinet for extra forms that we use daily, then Boss Lady's husband talked about some crap that didn't make sense, then he and she asked me what I had to contribute to the meeting that would make things run smoother. I said that having someone in the office,(not necessarily me), at all times to offer our customers immediate support would be a good idea. I also suggested having a permanent team 4 person would be good as well so we have a team to depend on for the extra business we have been drumming up.

They shot me down. Point.Blank.

Apparently, even with the debacle of last week happening because I am N.E.V.E.R in the office to have enough time to properly do anything anymore, it wasn't bad enough to make her realize we need someone in the office for a majority of the day! In fact, Boss Lady then went on to say she wanted me to leave my personal computer at home or in it's bag from now on because, in her words... "I think it is distracting you and that is why we had the problems last week."

W! T! F?!?

Um, no. I messed up last week because I was out cleaning almost all day, every day, then I had to come back to the office late in the day and try to cram an entire day's office work into 2 or 3 hours!!!! Of course I am going to be so freaking tired I can't see straight by the end of the day!!! And the funny thing is that I haven't even been able to hook up my computer in the last week and a half! I have been too busy...... WORKING!!!!!! I just nodded my head and wrote down "What a crock" in my iPhone notes. Sigh..... Then I went about trying to get the days crap finished, plus get the oil changed in one of the fleet cars at the dealership, go back to the office to change out the books for the next days clients and return phone calls to the people who have been calling all day while I have been trying to get all the other stuff done!

So I am going to seriously look into another career direction in the new year. I can't keep going on doing the work of 3 people, but only being one person. It was great that everyone gave me awesome advice the other day, and I even followed some of it to a T, but even though I have spoken directly to Boss Lady and told her I can't be everything because it is physically impossible, she just doesn't get it. She blew off my suggestions, negated my input, and basically didn't hear a word I said. I can't stay where I am not valued for my input.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Monday.... That Is All.

No really. I got nothing. I spent Sunday cleaning the house, doing laundry, making turkey & bean soup, and cookies. I also played a rousing game of LIFE with my kids and HHH. Junior won, but only because he wouldn't trade his salary card.

We also put up more lights.

See...... nada. Just good old family weekend togetherness.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Gators bombed. Meh..... I bet we drop to #5 in the BCS. I love how everyone whom the Gators have already beaten jumped on the wagon to be Gator haters! Yeah make fun of us losing FINALLY..... but remember, it took a team who was unbeaten as well to finally come in and win one. You can do your little dance of joy that we are finally brought down, but no matter what, You all still lost first. Have a nice day.

To make myself feel better, I took pictures of my kitteh!
He wants to play.
Tummeh rubs????

Friday, December 4, 2009


OK. Today sucked.
1. I forgot to take the gas money from the pocket of the pants I was wearing yesterday so after getting a few miles down the road I had to turn right back around and go back to the house.
2. Just as we started back out for the day, Junior started barfing in the car. Smelly, nasty barf too. Fruity pebbles does not smell good coming back up!
3. Dr office took forever today, but an iPhone and ear buds along with Robot Chicken Star Wars part 1 & 2 will keep a 7 year old quiet!
4. Even though Junior is feeling bad I feel better. To combat the plague going around, I made fresh turkey soup from scratch. By from scratch I mean I boil the carcass down, make my own broth, add fresh veggies, season to taste, and voila! Home made medicine! Feed a cold.....
5. I have to go to work tomorrow. I stayed home today to watch Junior and make sure he didn't puke so much his sugar got dangerously low. I still answered phone calls, and chatted up clients. I probably won't have too much to do though. And Saturday will give me time to call deadbeat clients who need to pay up before the end of the year. I gotz deadlines, yo!
6. I have discovered a music share site I am absolutely in love with and can get all sorts of music and TV shows for my iPhone at a really good price! Thanks HHHfor showing it to me! Now I have the Scrubs Musical episode and can watch it at work!!!!
7. I have never seen Glee. I was a band geek, not a choir geek. Meh.....
8. Is it dorky that I have the entire Charlie Brown Christmas in Christmas figurines instead of a Nativity scene? I also have the tree.... including the 1 red ornament.

How did this turn into another bullet post? Oh well, How was your Friday?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Hab Uh Code, & Other Fun.

  • Well, not all the way, but enough of a plague that I don't wanna give it to everyone else. I got it from my son who has been out for the last couple of days with this ick. I am getting the stuffy sinuses, cough, and sore joints that signal the onset of some sort of plague. Yay.Thank goodness it's almost the weekend.
  • I think I may have convinced my boss that I can't be in two places at once. She has me and Jess coordinating our schedules so one of us is in the office at all times. That way, problems like what happened the other day wouldn't happen again. Finally..... some light in the closet!
  • Did I mention I'm sick? Oh I did? Damn.... must have forgotten I did that. It's making me have to miss Derby practice. (Redneck says we aren't allowed to come to practice and spread disease!) Next Tuesday is gonna HURT when I go back!!!
  • I think Toby is haunting the cat. Lately the cat has been acting batshit nutfuck wacko. he's chasing stuff that isn't there, having meow conversations with something that isn't there. I know cats are weird and sometimes do weird stuff, but this has just started happening. Seems funny that Toby would haunt the cat.
  • I spent 30 minutes before work this morning cleaning the kitchen and living room. It looked awesome. I got home today and it was back to crap..... sigh.
  • I am going to bed early tonight.
  • Snxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


... is having the "Ding, Fries Are Done!" song from Family Guy stuck in your head for the last 5 days! HHH keeps playing it and singing it and now the kids are doing it too and I can't get it out of my head! OMG it will Not... Go... Away!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've had it.

I twittered today that I needed to have a serious talk with my boss about just what I am supposed to be doing. See, for the last two or three weeks I have been going non-stop. I have been cleaning houses almost every day and on top of that, I have had to do all the office work as well. Add that to the fact that because of Boss Lady doing a street fair where she got almost 100 new leads and has been dumping the resulting crap on me. So after I get done with two or three houses I have to try and cram in as much office work as I can before it hits 5:30pm and I go home. I have to work till 5:30 now because I have to take the kids home every day. Yay!

Today it all went screwy. I was out cleaning two houses because Boss Lady said I should do it and not one of the EMPLOYEES who are PAID to do it. yeah.... we had a girl who Boss Lady told me to tell to stay home. So we get done and I check my phone and there are messages galore. Seems I put a wrong map in the team 1 book and since I wasn't allowed to have my phone in the houses (customers don't like it), they just went back to the office and left for the day. Then the Lady who got left called the office and all hell broke loose! I am lucky the woman likes me because otherwise she would have quit! I went by my self to clean her bathrooms and kitchen.The bad part of all of this is that it could have been avoided. All of it. If I had been back at the office, where I am supposed to be, I would have been able to answer my phone and I could have had the girls come back to the office on their way and get the right map.Or I could have taken the map to the girls. Or I could have given them directions over the phone! But no..... I was out cleaning houses and not doing the job I thought I had been promoted to. Sigh.....

I even TRIED to tell Boss Lady that I could not do the two jobs at once and she asked me if it would be better if I ended my day at 2:30. Um... excuse me? How does me getting out of work at 2:30 gonna make up for the fact that I am NEVER in the office to do my OFFICE work anymore??? WTF!??! I have a pile of shit that needs to be done and no time to do it in! I actually called HHH and cried on the phone to him after all this went down. He told me I should quit. I don't wanna, but I can't keep going on like this.

I'm tired, I keep having terrible pain in my shoulders from the stress, and I never get enough sleep anymore. I have had enough. Any suggestions?