Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.

  • My first official derby bout is in 7 days. Can.Not.Wait!
  • My employees keep trying to rip me off time wise. Do.Not.Like.
  • My boss keeps trying to "help" me manage the office. Do.Not.Want.
  • My boss's husband is my $300/hr business coach. Best.Freebie.Ever!
  • My cat WILL NOT leave me alone. Paranoid.Schizophrenic.Cat.
  • My husband dealt very well with the little girl sleep over till I got home. Love.That.Man.
  • Made $80 serving at a cocktail party tonight, Easiest.Money.Ever.
  • Had to clean 2 houses today. My.Feet.Hurt.
  • Was stuck in traffic today.... ALOT! Hate.Stupid.Drivers!
  • This is all you get today.

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