Sunday, November 22, 2009

Too Early?

I made cookies today. I made sugar cookies for the kids and gingerbread for me & HHH. These are photos of the gingerbread ones. I even made colored royal icing for us to decorate them with! As you can see..... they turned out ok.
Can you pick out the ones where HHH and I got a little frisky with?
Yep, that would be them. The Ginger Girl with a peek a boo bra and the Ginger Boy with a pop out flap on his bikini briefs. Yes, we are insane.
Then....... things got dirty. Really dirty. LOL! We got Boobs and Weenie and then decorated them appropriately. At least WE thought it was appropriate!

Heh heh..... Happy beginning of the holidays.


Bluepaintred said...

Listen, BF, I need you to load HHH into your vehicle RIGHT NOW and take him to the nearest ER. I'm no expert on male genitalia, but I'm almost 100% positive that his scrotum should NOT be green.

Also, do you have a handy dandy recipe for the sugar cookies AND the royal icing?


Bubblewench said...

omg! No!! Is it really that time already? They are awesome! My cookies never turn out that great.

Russ said...

Blue is right, his balls should not be green!

To answer your question, yes, too early.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. The green is a bit worrisome.

Blondefabulous said...

BPR: Lol! I didn't have any coconut to toast and use as "kiwi fuzz".

BUBBLEWENCH: Yep. With Thanksgiving on the way, the season of baking is upon us!

RUSS: Like I said, no coconut to toast.

REN: Sigh..... I'm not repeating myself again.

Putz said...

you are getting to be so damned domesticated, horny aas usual yes, but still very homey, motherly and sweet