Friday, November 13, 2009


That bother the frack out of me.

1. People who take up the whole aisle in Target. What. The. Hell. Do you really have to block the whole freakin' aisle while you compare which hemorrhoid cream? Seriously? And while you are perusing the various ways you can make the ache in your ass go away is it possible to reign in your crotch spawn, cart, and stroller? WTF are you even doing? After spending an inordinate amount of time cordoning off a whole section of the store, YOU DON'T EVEN BUY ANYTHING!!! Fuckers.

2. Idiots who won't get out of the road in the parking lot. Um.... HELLO! There are 2000+ lb cars aiming at your fat ass and you're just going to walk down the middle of the car park? Did you lose all your cognizant brain cell to a chimpanzee attack? Get the hell out of the way! Roll your fat ass to one side or the other and let the people who are trying to find a parking spot go past you! Jeeze.....

3. People who are inconsiderate. And by people, I mean clients who no show my girls when they come to clean a house, and then have the royal gall to call me and demand to know why the home wasn't cleaned. WTF? Bitch, you weren't home to begin with and you want to get all pissy with me because your kitchen floor is still all shitty? Kiss off! Next time you do that crap, I am charging you full price for a no show and you can suck on that.

4. Snowbirds who CAN'T FUCKING DRIVE! Yes I know I live in Florida, and yes, I know I live in a resort style town where we have a larger population of winter visitors, but damnit man! Do they all have to drive 15 MPH under the speed limit? And taking up 2 lanes? And n.e.v.e.r. using their turn signals? I have almost been t-boned 3 times this week. Thursday night I had to take a different way to derby practice because of a two fatality accident at the intersection of Stickney Pt Road and Tamiami Trail. That is a dangerous intersection down here because it is one of the ways over to Siesta Key where all the vacation rental are. Sigh.... Guess I'll be upping my insurance coverage till they all go back up north.

5. I still miss my Toby. When the hell is this ache in my heart going to go away? I don't tell HHH, but I have cried at least once a day since he was killed. I try not to break down in client's homes when their cute, fluffy, LIVING dogs come up to me and want to play. It's been 4 weeks, so why am I still dying on the inside? This sucks. It sucks bad.

And that's what has been bothering me lately.
What's been bothering you?


Poppy said...

Ironically, I am bothered by the fact that our home is so messy and my parents are coming to town in a week and a half. I have no mental faculty for getting this place cleaned before then.

The pain of a pet who's passed away stays around for a long time. If you didn't love him so much it wouldn't hurt. So, your hurt is a very good thing.

Russ said...

You just described me in point 1. (Hemorrhoid cream aside, more like decongestant.) You're welcome!