Friday, November 20, 2009

State Of Insanity.

The Snow birds are here en mass now! I see all kinds of tags every day while I am out driving. They have traffic all clogged up too! I spent 30 to 40 minutes just trying to take extra towels to one team. I swear I got stuck behind every damn idiot who wanted to go 15 MPH under the limit! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Hate. Traffic!

So here is a list of plates I have seen so far....

Alabama, (AL)
Alaska, (AK)
Arizona, (AZ)
Arkansas, \(AR)
Colorado, (CO)
Connecticut, (CT)
Delaware, (DE)
Georgia, (GA)
Idaho, (ID)
Illinois, (IL)
Indiana, (IN)
Iowa, (IA)
Kansas, (KS)
Kentucky, (KY)
Louisiana, (LA)
Maine, (ME)
Maryland, (MD)
Massachusetts, (MA)
Michigan, (MI)
Minnesota, (MN)
Mississippi, (MS)
Missouri, (MO)
Montana, (MT)
Nebraska, (NE)
Nevada, (NV)
New Hampshire, (NH)
New Jersey,(NJ)
New Mexico, (NM)
New York(NY)
North Carolina, (NC)
North Dakota, (ND)
Ohio, (OH)
Oklahoma, (OK)
Pennsylvania, (PA)
Rhode Island, (RI)
South Carolina, (SC)
South Dakota, (SD)
Tennessee, (TN)
Texas, A (TX)
Utah, (UT)
Vermont, (VT)
Virginia, (VA)
Washington, (WA)
West Virginia, (WV)
Wisconsin, (WI)

So there you go! We have had almost every state here! I guess it's hard to drive over from Hawaii!

UPDATE: I forgot how many of our neighbors to the north are here as well! Here are the Canadian plates I have seen.....

Nova Scotia

How could I have been so remiss as to have forgotten them! I apologize, my Canadian friends! Forgive me?


Putz said...

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW DO UTARNS get way down there near hell, yes i am tlking about florida, you do have good football there however, but wouldn't hell have good football and rollar derby too???????

Nicole said...

I saw one from Hawaii!!! They came into the liquor store the other day....they had their car shipped!! Isn't that great??

phinz said...

I simply cannot understand WHY you would go from Hawaii to Florida. Not that there's anything wrong with Florida, but dude: you're in HAWAII. What more could you want???