Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sock It To Me!

Today sucked. It sucked hard. It was suck with a side of holy shit where did that come from. It was suctastical. It was suckariffic. It was a carnival if suckitude. It sucked with the force of a thousand hoovers.

Did I mention it sucked?

The day began with my ankle feeling better, but not 100%. It was twinging all day. Then, I get to work and one of the girls calls in. Great. Then I go out to start cleaning and one of the houses and one of the other girls calls and says she can't do all 4 of her houses. I'd usually be kind of pissed about this, but yesterday she informed me that she just found out she has throat cancer. She was trying to finish out the week before taking a leave of absence to get treatment. FUCK! She is the sweetest person too! I hate it when shit like this happens to good people! I got that fire put out, then it was time to get the paperwork done for the next day when I got the call to go to an estimate. I did that, then had to run back to the office, pick up my car and go get the kids from school and run them home. Lucky for me my next estimate of the day was right over by my house! I did that and as I was finishing up at the man's house, I got a text from HHH saying he hurt himself at work and was now at the doctor to get xrays and a splint. Um....WTF???? Greeeeeaaaaaat! So now his ankle & foot is messed up,my ankle and knee are messed up, and we are just one happy household of owwie!

Lucky for me my ankle is feeling better. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice. I alternated between hot and cold, took Tylenol, and slept OK last night. Today wasn't too harsh so I was able to keep off it for the most part today. I thought it was funny that Anon and Redneck agreed on my course of treatment! I did lay off the jello shots so you all can stop worrying. So now I am getting super psyched for Saturday! At tomorrow's practice, there will be a film crew from PBS filming us for a show they are doing on our illustrious leader, Redneck Ophelia! We're going to be skating, being interviewed, and have our dress rehearsal filmed for a show that will get national broadcasting. Whoo hoo. PS- I still need a cheering section for me when we do our bout on Saturday. Someone get their ass down there and cheer for me!

So I am going to take another couple of Tylenol and elevate again.

PS- I am in serious L-O-V-E with my iPhone. That is all!

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Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm glad your ankle is feeling better. You know, I'd come down and cheer for just have to buy my plane ticket first!