Sunday, November 8, 2009


So by now everyone has either seen my tweets or read in this blog that I got a new iPhone. It was a necessary thing, as I need to be able to get to the office email, voicemail, and other various stuff so I can work more efficiently. On the flip side of this is the fun stuff I can put on there, like Words w/Friends, Twitteriffic, Failbook, etc etc etc....... Yeah. Stuff to take up all the excess time I have left in my day. Like I really need that.

I asked a few questions on Twitter about what apps I should get and I got a few people answering, but I am still a little overwhelmed at the amount of apps there are available! Sheesh! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

The other reason I got an iPhone, and please excuse me if you're tired of hearing this, but we had been looking for a new family dog to join us and I have had no luck. Either the places want anywhere from 400 to 1900 dollars for the dogs they have, or what we find in our price range will grow to be too big for our apartment. We can't win! So I told HHH, just let's get me an iPhone. I'm really not ready for another doggie right now. I broke down in Bealls yesterday looking at pet Christmas items. Yeah.... still messed up in the head about Toby. Probably will be for quite a while. Sigh.....

So, now I have an iPhone. I am now with the rest of the world, and it took my eldest daughter 30 seconds to ask if she could have my old one.


Anonymous said...

I was going to leave some iPhone app suggestions here, but looking through what I have, nothing really pops out at me as compelling.

Okay, here's one. I like "Occasions" for tracking birthdays. It reads the birthday field from the Contacts database, but also lets you track birthdays separately from your Contacts (which is what I use for kids, mostly). It also provides a pretty convenient way to add birthdays to existing contacts. It isn't free, but I like it better than all of the free birthday tracking apps I tried.

Nicole said...

you need to get pocket god - it costs 99 cents, FML, its free; flicker sender, free; TWI, free; food network, discovery (channel), free; the Att my wireless app, free; bank of america app (if u use them), free; kindle app - yes your fone doubles as a kindle! the apps free!!
Think thats it.... <3