Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Possibly just fucked up my ankle doing a 180 right knee drop. It HURTS right now, I kid you not! I have hot towels on it for right now and I'm medicating with jell-o shots! After that I am gonna take three Tylenol and sleep on it.

I have to get better by Thursday because there will be a film crew from PBS at practice to film a show about our illustrious leader, Redneck Ophelia! I don't want to be skating all wonky!

Ooh! Time for another jell-o shot!


Anonymous said...

Hot towels?!? no no no. ICE reduces swelling. Keep it wrapped and elevated, ice as often as possible, and take ibuprofen.

Russ said...

anon is right! Plus alcohol and tylenol will kill your liver.

Putz said...

redneck ophelia, would i like to date her, she sounds like my kind of woman

Putz said...

anon and russ are right...olus jello shots will make you a mormon

Anonymous said...

Ice for swelling and no mixing of alcohol and tylenol, they're all correct!

Your illustrious leader,

Finn said...

Do what your leader tells you!

Heal quickly.

phinz said...

Redneck rules.
And feel better FAST!!!!