Monday, November 9, 2009

Just when you think....

...... You think things are going along OK, BOOM! There you go getting a big smack in the face with reality.

Tonight I was at a meeting with Boss Lady and her husband. It started out well. I was told that I was doing a good job even though I didn't get very much training and that I was continuing to do well. However, I could hear it coming. Like a freight train, I knew what was coming. I recognized the "compliment sandwich" like from on Family Guy.

The kids have to go.

I pick up my children from school in a 20 minute period, bring them back to my office, and oversee their homework while completing my work until time to go home. They are there for about an hour and a half. Even though I get a lunch break, I use that time to go get the kids, so I don't lose productivity. I make up time by staying after on Tuesday's and Thursday's till 6pm. They are quiet, occupied, and out of the way.

And they have to go somewhere other than my office.

So now, in addition to all the other crap I do all day, all the driving, shuttling, working, and everything else..... I am going to have to drive the kids directly home after school, then come back to finish the day.



WannabeVirginia W. said...

Not a very child friendly workplace huh! Don't they know that - women productivity is increased when we are comforted with the idea that our kids are taken care of.

Russ said...

I second Wannabe!

Did you ask if there were any complaints? Was it a safety thing? (Chemicals and all that.) Was any reason given?

Bubblewench said...

Wow. That really does suck. Sorry to hear that. I hope it works out.

phinz said...

Yeah, not nice on the boss's part. If it was a safety issue, they should have said so. What reason did they actually give, if any?