Monday, November 23, 2009

Illness Addled Dreams.

Today, I felt the ravages of illness. I apparently pushed myself too far and too hard these last couple of weeks and paid the price by getting some sort of 24 hour flu virus. It sucked major ball to be horefing out my guts at 5:30 am this morning.(Shut up... horefing is so a word!) It got to the point I couldn't speak for a while. Throat is still sore too, but that is neither here nor there. After texting my boss and telling her I wouldn't be able to make it in today, I got HHH up out of bed to motor the kids to school and I laid back down. I dozed back to sleep and for some weird reason.... began to dream the strangest of dreams. It happens every time. If I wake up and then go back to sleep I will have the most funky dreams I have ever had.

This morning's dreams were no disappointment. I had about 3 different ones. The first was the usual driving in the company toaster down Tamiami, looking over to the right as I cross Bee Ridge, and BAM! I get t-boned by a huge truck! Then, either the dream ends right there with me waking up in a cold sweat, or it continues into the scenario with me being cut out of the car, going to the hospital, etc, etc...... Yeah, yeah..... this isn't a big one, but the fact that it has occurred at least 10 times now makes me a little nervous. They say that once you dream something 3 times it has the great possibility of coming true. Well that's one that has been happening a lot!

Then there was the one where I was enjoying a pleasurable mornings doings with HHH. Oh yeah, I don't mind those at all.... except when they get me all hot and bothered and I am so wrung out from puking for a couple hours straight that I can't do a damn thing about it! Yeah, it's so TOTALLY awesome to be horny and ill. Especially when sex on a stick HHH comes waltzing by every hour or so to check on me. Sigh........

Then the other one I didn't even understand. It had something to do with chickens, shopping, my old high school, and winter. I don't remember the happenings exactly, but If I didn't dress my chicken for Christmas in the right sweater, it was going to turn out badly. Yeah, I don't get it either.

So, I guess when I am sick, my brain is sick as well. Do you have weird dreams when you're sick?

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