Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good. Bad. Ugly.


My kids.
Roller Derby.
Florida in November.
My Favorite Customers.
My favorite TV shows.
Being a starter in derby.
Sleeping in on a weekend.
Meeting new bloggers.
Upcoming trip to Grinchmas.


Snowbird drivers.
Crappy clients.
Undeclared gluten.
Slow computers @ work.
Gas prices.
Loud upstairs neighbors.


Toby's death.
Freaking out at Avitoween.
Recurring nightmares.
Late days @ the office.
Being too tired for sex.
Missing Toby.

I'll add more as I think of them.

What's on your lists?


Finn said...

Is it me or are the snowbirds here early? I thought we had at least until Christmas!

phinz said...

Maybe they're coming early because they REALLY don't want to run their furnaces too much--and I hear it snowed in NE Ohio ysterday.

Poppy said...

After I came back from FL I had horrible nightmares until seeing Paranormal Activity. Go see that, maybE? It's stupid as shit, will undo the nightmares!

As for too tired for sex, that was me Tuesday night, (Dawg was at the Yankees game last night so no sex possible), and it's Dawg tonight. We have a date for Friday. :) Our great men understand. And we understand because we are their great women.

Poppy said...

@Finn - it's cold everywhere early this year, I bet that's why.