Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Is Too Commercial.

Linus and Charlie Brown had it right.... Christmas has become too commercial, but I'm not talking about the rampant sales, bargains, and deals to be found after Thanksgiving and beyond, no. I am talking about the Christmas commercials.

I love the commercials and wait for them every year. There are tear jerkers, happys, funny, musical, and all sorts of commercials! I like the ones that go old school and use something like Rudolph or Frosty to sell me stuff. Call me nostalgic.... My favorite by far has to be the Garmin commercials. I first started seeing the Garmin commercials back in either 2005 or 2006. You remember....

Look! There's a moose,
Give me a noose,
I'm lost again,
Where's highway 10,
This isn't good,
Bad neighborhood
Went to buy a wreath,
He has no teeth,
Something I can't remember
The wife's gonna freak,
There's the moose again,
Where's highway 10?
Give a, give a, give a,
Give a Garmin.

Yeah that one. I saw the new Garmin commercial today. I don't know the words to that one yet, but I'm sure by the time Christmas finally gets here it will be embedded into my cortex. Even the kids know the Garmin songs!

So, what commercials get stuck in your head during the holiday season?

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