Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brand New Week, Same Old Me.

Wow, this past weekend was just meh. No trick or treaters, not very many houses in our neighborhood handing out candy, didn't really go out and do anything,.... just kind of meh. I mean, here's what we did....

  • Worked all day Friday even thought HHH and the kids were off of school and work. Had a chance to go to a swinging party at a bar called the Cabana, but opted to spend time with the fam since we almost never get to be together. I made the right decision.
  • Spent most of Saturday in bed feeling yucky because my tummy wasn't thrilled with something I ate on Friday night. I hate hidden gluten. Any manufacturer who doesn't disclose it on their lables should be drug out into the street and shot!
  • Went to a few pet places that specialize in puppies. This was a HUGE step for me. Toby has been gone two weeks now and even though I may not be ready to get another friend, just holdingthe little bundles was therapeutic. I only cried once too! And before anyone says anything, I looked at the shelter FIRST, but none of their available animals were going to be under the weight limit for where we live. It sucks, but we have to abide by the rules.
  • Got the entire house decorated up for trick or treaters and we got zilch! Now I am stuck with a butt load for candy I do not want! I may put most of it away and keep it on hand for when my kids get low. Nothing like a chocolate bar to get their sugar back to normal levels.
  • On the flip side, when I got dressed up and took the little ones t or t-ing, there were only 8 houses giving out candy in our neighborhood! WTF??? 8??!!?? What a gyp, as Morgan called it! What got me was there were a few houses that were all decorated up and looked awesome and you got up to their door and they weren't handing out candy!! Cheap asses!
  • Went out Sunday and got stickers for my helmet. Made it look totally awesome. I also got my #'s so I could iron them on on my jersey. I am #11, in reference to HHH's high school football jersey #. I also got new letters to fix where the "fabulous" is peeling off. Hate it when that happens.
  • If anyone who is good at web casting can possibly help me out on November 14th, I want to get someone to come and do a live shot of the bout so I can run it somehow for everyone to watch. I have no idea what that entails so any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can't do that, I need someone to at least record the damn thing so I can post it on Youtube and link to it.
And I think that is it, with the exception of me having recurring nightmares and weird ass dreams. dreams like I am back in high school, and nightmares like I get horrendously T-boned in the company car one day...... you get the idea. Waking up in a sweat from either one of those is just not fun, but this is a new week.....

And I am the same me!


Nicole said...

1. Sooooooo glad you didn't go to teh Cabana (read DIVE)! Ewwwwww! Any bar that rents hotel rooms is NOT someplace you want to hang out when you're grown up with kids!
2.. I may be able to help out with teh live streaming/videotaping!! Probably teh videotaping since I haz teh old iPhone not the new one that records. But we do have an awesome camcorder!!! Let me know!
3. Don't feel bad about not getting any trick or treaters - I only got 2 and those were my own kids. Luckily I remembered that from last year and had only bought one bag of marshmallows! However the houses aroud ours were VERY generous - my kids came home with 2 bottles of water, cans of soda, fiber one bars (can you say unprepared!) and some good old candy! You and the kids looked cute as ever BTW!
<3 Hugz!

Finn said...

Trick or treating was light in our neighborhood, too. I think it will eventually become a thing of the past.

Lynda said...

It seems like everywhere was light with trick or treating. I only have read one story where someone said they got rid of everything.

My mom was passing out last years candy to some of the kids.