Saturday, November 7, 2009


It has happened. I have been assimilated by Apple. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone. Or maybe that should say Apple is now the proud owner of another US citizen. Either or, I can now use iPhone to stay in touch with my job and everyone else on the Apple planet.

At least I think I will stay in touch w/everyone.....

Anyone wanna stay in touch?


Kim said...

Me me me !!! YAY !!

Welcome to the world of the iPhone !! OMG CRACKPHONE !!!! WOOOT!!

P.S. Download the free app "words with Friends"...I'm kimt205...hehehe

rachel said...

i do even if i don't have an iphone i want to keep in touch we can still text and stuff right

Putz said...

actualluy blonde i do want to stay in touch, but through these blags is enough for me...i don't even like you enough to get on face blast with you or twitter plurg...or apple ...yes blags are enough for me. but the love is there, honest

phinz said...

I am officially jealous . . . I LUST after an iPhone.
Color me green (but happy for you!)