Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are You Ready?

In just two days, I will be skating with the most awesome group of ladies imaginable! We will be slamming each other around, working together, and basically putting all those drills we practiced to good use. Tonight was totally awesome because there was a TV crew filming a story on our illustrious leader, Redneck Ophelia! Since she's the one who started our league from scratch, I think it is totally appropriate for them to do a national show about her! She's fricking awesome! it was fun practicing tonight. The camera guy was going around the track trying to get all kinds of shots to use when they do the editing. Hell, he got to experience the suicide section first hand when Jen-O-Cide got knocked off the track and right into him! Luckily, he caught her around the waist and didn't even drop his camera!

We (Rollergirls) have been getting quite a bit of press lately. Like tonight, I went over to the mall where 105.9 the Buzz was doing a remote at the local Ruby Tuesday's & Cosimo's 2 along with Miller Beer. A few girls and I froze our asses off out there handing out flyers and telling people about the bout on Saturday. OMG! I was freezing my ass off! We did take photos with one of the Morning DJ's for 107.9 WSRZ. When they get that one up on their web site I'll steal it for you guys to look at!

As far as I can tell, Sarasota is jazzed about having a roller girl team. I still need a cheering section for Saturday..... with signs! Someone said their friends were making signs to take to the bout! I thought that was an awesome idea. Hope HHH can channel his inner artist to make some signs for me. It will be the closest I'll ever get to being a Diva!

Speaking of HHH, ya'll send good vibes over this way because he goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out if his foot is actually broken or not. I'm hoping not. He hates being housebound and will go stir crazy within a week if he has to stay inside all propped up and crap.

OK, time to go to bed. I have a looooooooong day tomorrow. Remember, go here, buy tickets, come cheer for Blondefabulous and the Sarasota Roller Girls!

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Poppy said...

GOOD LUCK! Smack some bitches to the FLOOR!