Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Has....

Two thumbs, no memory card, and was the lamest person at Avitaween?

This girl right here.

1. I have little to no photos because I was a stupid ass and forgot my memory card in my lap top back at the hotel.

2. I was too fucking afraid to actually talk to people at the party. Even after 2 doses of liquid courage, nada. If it wasn't for Rachel316 and Bellaventa coming over to talk to me I think I would have melted into the background and disappeared.

3. I really must NEVER tweet when I am depressed and at a rocking party. Even my husband texted me to tell me to stop tweeting because I sounded so pathetic. It's bad when that happens.

4. Bubblewench was awesome for waiting with me for my taxi to come and take me back to the hotel. She was drunk, and funny, and awesome to talk to. Thanks woman. I appreciated every word!

5. No one knew who the hell I was..... Costume wise, that is. Three quarters of the people here have never watched "Evolution" apparently. I was called a ghost buster, an EMT, and of course a fire fighter. Not one person realized my awesome movie reference, so I guess it wasn't as awesome as I thought. Costume will be going back come Monday morning. No sense keeping it till Halloween if no one will realize who you are.

6. Don't know if I can do this again. Everyone there was already friends, I kinda felt like an interloper, an outsider, or some kind of interwebz stalker. People I was so jazzed to meet didn't blink twice at me, so perhaps I will just stay behind my comfortable curtain. It's safer there.

I am going home ASAP tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me to Avitaween, Adam.... it was awesome. Your decor was bitchin'!


Finn said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a better time, sweetie. When I introduced myself to you, you didn't seem to know who I was and you didn't really seem interested in talking to me.

I have to imagine now that you were nervous, not disinterested. You just don't come off as shy around the blogosphere so it threw me off.

Blondefabulous said...

FINN: OH yeah! I was so freakin nervous I almost threw up twice! It's easy to outgoing on the internet when no one really sees you, but in person, whoa! I was overwhelmed. Now that I have time to think about it, I was OK when it was a few bloggers and me, but 100 people including some of the most kick ass writers I read really threw me for a loop. It wasn't you, it was me. Trust me in that.

And don't worry. HHH has said I will got to the next Avitaween if he has to drag me there to get over my fears.

cissa said...

You will go next year, and you will know someone else there -- ME! You can even come crash as my place with Bellaventa and Rachel316 so you don't have to pay for a hotel room! (ok it's further away from the party, but screw it, free is free! we can all use the $ saved to pay for the taxi!)

Plus when I move down there I am inviting all my Florida Blogger Friends to my house for a Housewarming Party, and I know you will be there, it's another chance to meet up with everyone.

I promise you Lady, next year you will have a BITCHIN' time with me by your side!!

Blondefabulous said...

CISSA: Thanks hon. I go into more detail in the next post about what I was feeling, but I was so freaking frozen it wasn't funny! I'll be happy to come over to your home for your housewarming! Hell, I'll bring my chocolate fountain and even cook and cater if you'd like!
Can't wait for you to get here!

rachel said...

Said before and will be said again...people watching was awesome I did it w. my secret boyfriends wife (Ren's wife Marci) we had a blast mocking people. next year kereokee

Blondefabulous said...

RACHEL: I met her and she was awesome! I actually have a good voice, I just have to get brave enough to go up there and do it. Next year you & me for sure!!!

Poppy said...

We were NOT all friends again... we just acted like we were. Maybe next year you buddy up with a core group and that way even if you are too scared to meet ANYONE new to you then at least you have a great time. Aww, man, I wish you'd had a better time.

But if it's not for you then it's not for you. I really enjoyed seeing you in FL!!

Avitable said...

Having a more obscure costume actually makes it more awesome.

Ren said...

At TC09 I don't think I talked to anyone that I hadn't already met. Thankfully, I'd already met a bunch of cool people earlier that weekend. Still, I regretted not roving more during the actual event. So at this party I made more of an effort to do so. Even so, I found myself gravitating back to people I already knew (from TC09) or had met before the party (which included you, happily).

I bet the next one will be much easier for you. Not life-of-the-party easy, perhaps, but still easier than the first time.

Bubblewench said...

Woman it was my pleasure to sit with you! I was so glad we got that short window of time to chat. No way I was leaving you there alone.

I don't know most of those people and was meeting even more for the first time.

It's scary. I'm not very good in social situations but I'm working on it, and meeting you was a highlight from my weekend!

marty mankins said...

To this party guy, I thought you were having a good time there. I remember saying hi to you while we were in line for either drinks or pictures (somewhere close to the bar). I was pretty alcohol-fueled that night, but I get more chatty as I get more booze in me.

I know towards the end of the night, my wife (Reba) was sitting next to you on the couch. She gets less social as the night goes on (she wasn't drinking much that night)

It was nice to meet you and I hope you plan to attend more blogger events in the future.