Tuesday, October 13, 2009

War Wounds.

Holy crap! I got a good bruise tonight at derby on my thumb. It's my own fault really. I was poking around the rink, going slow, taking it easy so that I didn't re-tweek my ankle and I tripped up on my own wheels. I skidded, dropped to my right knee, and went down, and in the process whacked my thumb really good on the floor. I laughed my ass off and got right back up. I didn't know I had hurt my thumb till I went to grab my water and it twinged a bit.

Right now it is a lovely light shade of blue, but by tomorrow it should be a really gnarly shade of purplish yuck! Whoo hoo. Gotta love the war wounds you get from skating!

Also another fun thing I had happen today was I got back a client. Oh, but this isn't just any client..... this was the client that called us up, bitched me out on voicemail, cursed at us and quit saying she would N-E-V-E-R use our service ever again! yeah well..... she called today and left a message that she wanted to come back and have us clean for her again and that she really liked our green service and oh can she start this week??? I laughed my ass off again. Then I called her up and scheduled her. I told Boss Lady what happened and she agreed with me that the woman must not have been able to find someone to clean her barn of a house for the low price we gave her. Either that or she couldn't find someone who would put up with her kind of crazy! Either way, I got a chuckle out of it all.

And that was Tuesday. This week just keeps getting better and better!

UPDATE! I posted a (bad) pic of my thumb this morning. Getting more color as the day wears on apparently!

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