Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Is How We Roll!

Holy Crap! I can't believe how great Derby is going. I am officially announcing that I passed my first set of skills testing and am now a full fledged roller girl! Yep! Me, the band geek who got out of PE by being in band! Whoo hoo!!! Now my name and application gets sent to nationals and Blondefabulous will be my official roller girl name!

Also happening around the rink.....

We had our photo shoot for the Sarasota Herald Tribune tonight at 6pm. It was freakin awesome! We skated around, the guy took photos and video, he interviewed a few of us, we did some posed shots and then he took down our names and derby names, and the best part is, barring anyone famous dying......
WE ARE GOING TO NE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!! Holy crap, yet again! The guy also took a few close up shots of things like a skate, some of the girls tats, and he was fascinated with my fishnets! Weird right. Oh and the whole time we were out there people were asking us about what we were doing, where we practice at, etc etc.... and if we generate that much attention just doing photos, then tomorrow at the MOVIE PREMIER we should be blowing the roof off the place. And to make it even better the manager of the Applebee's located right next door to the movie theater asked the Roller Girls to come for ladies night after the movie premier and drink all night for $5!!! Can't beat that with a stick!

OK.... I have to get some sleep. I have a full slate of work tomorrow and then all the derby stuff! I can't wait!!! I'll update this blog with a link to the photos in the paper when they post it online!


Finn said...

I love that picture!

They had a story on roller derby on the news last night! I thought of you.

And congrats!

Putz said...

yOu Is FamOus