Friday, October 30, 2009


Ha ha.... I forgot to blog last night. Oh well.

It was a good night for Derby. I only went down once, problem was when I fell, my leg twisted in such a way that my calf muscle cramped big time. Add that to the fact that I couldn't move and I was down on the skate track and I was hollering for Redneck to call off the jam so I didn't get my ass run over!!! I am learning a lot lately thanks to the Bradenton players who have been coming over and helping us during practice. It's good to have others who know what they're doing to skate against. I can pick up pointers. One thing I have found is that I need to stay low, spread my legs, and stick my ass out and in the way. (GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!!) Hey, my flexibility has improved greatly so this isn't a problem. I am trying to take up as much space as possible so I can block the opposing jammer from getting past me to score! I also got my position last night. I am the inside lead blocker. At least I think that's what Redneck called it? Uh... yeah, we'll go with that! So I hold the inside line because that is the main artery that jammers try to use to get by the pack.

Hey! I'm excellent at being in the way!

So we have 4 more practices till our first bout on Nov. 14th. I. can. not. wait. Last night Blaque Jac kept hitting me to give me an idea of what I would be up against and afterwards she would ask if I was OK and everything. Man I was better than OK. That is fucking awesome!! Hitting and getting hit is awesome. The physicality of this sport is what beckons me to it. Yeah, I may be crazy, but after dealing with bitchy customers, employees, and people in general, having an outlet to channel all that towards is so freeing!!

Yep. I must be crazy.


HHH11 said...

I think the reason you didnt blog is because you were busy getting your "world rocked" and your flexibility..Yeah Im a big contributor in that too

Ren said...

One word: VIDEO!