Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Week.

In a little over 5 days I will be driving over to Avitaween. I am going to get to meet my roomie, and a whole other host of people I only know from blogs and tweets. These are people who I have come to know by what they write and conversations I am privy to on Twitter. I'd like to say I know them, and that I am not nervous at all and I'll fit right in, but I gotta tell you, I am nervous. I'm starting to freak out at the thought of going somewhere by myself and trying to meet people for the FIRST time. I am having all the usual nervous feelings..... "OMG what if they think I'm a dork? What if I am just a lame-o wanna be blogger? What if no one likes me?"

Great. I'm in high school again.

Then there is the fact that I am going by myself to a place I usually go to with my family. Orlando is our get away place. We have annual passes for Universal & IOA. We have points at almost all the hotel groups around the parks. We know just how to go through the parks to get the most out of a visit. We get express passes gratis thanks to Universal's kindness to our diabetic children. This time, Kim and I (and who ever else she has gotten together.) are going to Halloween Horror Nights. I have never been, mostly due to not being able to get a sitter to be out so late at night. I'm gonna give it a whirl, but I bet I end up screaming like a little girl the whole evening. Guess I better buckle up buttercup!

So hopefully on Friday the 23rd, I'll be able to get all my stuff done at work, go pick up my costume from the costume shop, get the kids from school early because I need to get going early, and then off I go to face my fears and meet new/old friends.

Hmmmm..... still nervous.


Kim said...

Hi ! Don't worry, we are going to have a big time ! I was nervous before I went to ConFab and it all worked out ok, so I think this trip will be fine. And we are going to ROCK Universal ! I'll scream my head off with you ! See you Friday !

Finn said...

It'll be fine; we'll have a blast. The people are wonderful and you won't have a problem fitting in.

You're staying at the Hilton, right? So am I. E-mail me and we'll exchange phone #s so we can text and stay in touch.

Christina LMT said...

Awwww, it's natural to be nervous, but you'll have a BLAST. You're meeting your tribe. :)